Why is exposed aggregate concrete so popular in Macomb County, Michigan

Throughout Macomb County, Michigan you will see an upwardly trending use of exposed aggregate concrete. Homeowners throughout the vast county are realizing the many features and benefits.

Naturally, the choice to have an exposed aggregate concrete driveway is a wise one. And, it seems when it comes to these decisions, wisdom is contagious. A driveway needs to serve a range of purposes. First and foremost, it must look nice and perform well. After all, the driveway in the entryway to your property and your home. Once you park your car, you walk on the driveway to get to the house. Or, as many Macomb County homeowners show, from your driveway you can also be led to other aspects of the home’s outdoor living space.

But even before you or a visitor pull into your driveway, it is noticed from the street. And a beautiful driveway of exposed aggregate concrete lends your entire home and property elevated curb appeal. This is just another explanation of how and why exposed aggregate concrete is so popular in Macomb County, Michigan.

But let’s get back to the wisdom involved in making the decision to utilize exposed aggregate concrete in your driveway and all other hardscapes.

Here are the reasons why exposed aggregate concrete is ideal for your hardscapes.

It makes all hardscapes very attractive and appealing.  In short, exposed aggregate concrete looks good. Exposed aggregate concrete lends depth to every structure while casting a solid appearance throughout your yard.  Every homeowner in Macomb County wants every aspect of their outdoor living space to be good looking.

Exposed aggregate concrete is highly durable. Basically, exposed aggregate concrete delivers on its appearance. Its strong, everlasting look actually is fairy tur to it performance. Concrete overall is known for its durability, but concrete can chip and crack. However, exposed aggregate cornet is far less likely to do s. The gravel sand mixture in exposed aggregate concrete has a higher durability rate because of the ratio of water to concrete.

Macomb County homeowners seem to know the value of durability. Michigan is subject to all sorts of harsh weather conditions throughout the year. From torrential rains to blinding blizzards and the resulting ice, hardscapes – and driveways in particular – in Michigan have to endure a lot. And, exposed aggregate concrete can handle whatever Michigan weather throws at them and on them.

Exposed aggregate concrete is a great way to save money. There are two ways that this is true. First of all, exposed aggregate concrete does not require a great deal of maintenance This is related to its durability. This means the upkeep is very light. You may need to re-seal your hardscapes made of exposed aggregate concrete after its first two years and then two years thereafter. This is just to make sure they are cleaned.

Concrete chips, cracks, and sinks after a time. This means a concrete structure has to be totally replaced. But this is not the case with hardscapes made of exposed aggregate concrete.

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