Why You Should Reseal Your Bloomfield, MI Concrete

Concrete remains arguably the most versatile, durable, and sustainable building material in the world of construction. Whether you are applying concrete in your domestic or commercial project, concrete will always offer the aesthetic and long-lasting results you want. Simply put, concrete is the most popular construction material because it ticks all the right boxes for builders, constructors as well as Bloomfield, MI homeowners!

However, despite its nearly unmatched benefits, concrete is a somewhat porous material and can absorb moisture. And this can easily result in a host of issues, especially in places that experience freezing temperatures. In such areas, when the temperatures drop below zero, the water is easily absorbed by the concrete, ultimately causing cracks.

And this is one of the major reasons why construction experts highly recommend that you regularly reseal your Bloomfield, MI concrete structures. Resealing concrete can provide numerous potential benefits, including:

  • It helps curb the growth of mold: Concrete is a semi-porous material and this implies that it can absorb water or moisture. As you already know, water or any other form of moisture is a huge catalyst for mold growth or mildew. The unwanted growth of either Mold or mildew not only results in discoloration of your concrete but also damage to the structural integrity of your concrete structures. Fortunately, you can prevent all these problems by resealing your concrete.
  • It extends the overall lifespan of concrete: If you are a resident of Bloomfield, MI, then you know firsthand that this beautiful city experiences extreme weather. The sweltering sun, moisture as well as snow can have adverse effects on the integrity of your concrete. In general, though, concrete remains a highly durable material that can last up to 25 years even without routine maintenance. But it’s worth noting that if you don’t take care of your concrete, the extreme weather experienced in the city of Bloomfield, MI can easily cause significant damage to your concrete. And this is where resealing your concrete proves its worth!
  • It rejuvenates the appearance of old concrete: Even though concrete is usually a highly sturdy and long-lasting material, it can be highly susceptible to discoloration, especially when you expose it to extreme cold or heat. However, by resealing concrete, you can boost both its life and aesthetic appearance. Resealed concrete will always look as gorgeous as brand new. Also, resealing your concrete will ensure it is well protected against any form of harsh weather.
  • It makes concrete somewhat easier to clean: Any Bloomfield, MI homeowner will tell you that resealed concrete is usually easier to clean and maintain compared to its unsealed counterparts. This is because resealing significantly smoothens the surface of concrete, making it relatively easy to clean.

Apart from the above potential benefits associated with resealing your concrete, research also shows that resealed concrete structures can significantly boost the overall value of your home. This is because these structures are usually clean, highly appealing, and attractive.

The Bottom line:

As you can see, you have every reason to reseal your concrete! However, it is important to note that resealing concrete is not a DIY type of job. After all, there are numerous critical factors that need to be considered to ensure the whole process becomes successful. And this is why you are strongly advised to always seek the assistance of a professional every time you want to reseal your structures.

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