Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Replace Your Clinton Township Sidewalks

One area of many homes that often falls through the cracks is the sidewalk surrounding the property. Many homeowners focus on landscaping and making their yards clean and beautiful while their sidewalks fall into disrepair. Cracks, uneven surfaces, and crumbling slabs can be found around even the most immaculately kept homes.

Even if you work hard to keep the sidewalk surrounding your home swept and clear of debris, cracks and uneven surfaces can destroy the image of your sidewalk. Image aside, damaged sidewalk poses a much more serious risk. There are several reasons why you shouldn’t wait to replace your Clinton Township sidewalks.

Knowing Who Is Responsible for Repairs

Understanding who is responsible for sidewalk repairs can be a tricky subject. Many homeowners believe that their city is responsible for all repairs to the sidewalks and will not replace any damaged sidewalk slabs. These damaged slabs then pose the risk of injury to pedestrians who walk on them. The city of Clinton Township has had its share of sidewalk issues.

In May, Clinton Township started a Sidewalk Rehabilitation program to replace sidewalks. Many homeowners were surprised to find that replacing the sidewalk around their home was actually their responsibility. In an effort to help homeowners, a plan was proposed to allow homeowners to hire their own contractors or to allow the city to repair the sidewalks at their costs. Rather than waiting for a hefty bill from the city, it’s wisest to hire your own concrete contractors to replace sidewalks at a price that works for you.

Why Sidewalk Repairs Are So Important

It may seem like required sidewalk repairs are just another way to squeeze money out of homeowners. Any homeowner will tell you that owning a home isn’t cheap. However, sidewalk repairs are an important responsibility for homeowners that shouldn’t be neglected. Here are a few reasons why having your Clinton Township sidewalks repaired is so important.

  • Uneven sidewalks pose the risk of fall-related injuries. Sidewalks that are uneven and cracked pose a risk for anyone who walks across them. This risk is made worse when the winter hits and snow and ice cover those sidewalks. Replacing damaged sidewalks removes these risks and makes your home a safe and welcoming place.
  • Cracked sidewalks are made worse in harsh weather. Michigan winters can be tough. Sidewalks that are cracked or damaged run the risk becoming more of a hazard after ice melts and re-freezes. When this happens, a crack can turn into a broken concrete slab that is even more dangerous.
  • Damaged sidewalks can affect your home value. Having a beautifully maintained home can boost curb appeal and push your home value up. In turn, sidewalks that have fallen into disrepair can drive your home value down.

Don’t Wait To Replace

Don’t wait for Clinton Township to issue a citation before you have your sidewalk replaced. Choosing to start the replacement process as soon as you recognize a problem can prevent fall risks and allows you to choose the best concrete contractors available. Here at Flat Rock Concrete Construction, Inc., we understand the necessity of replacing your Clinton Township sidewalks in a professional and efficient manner. Give us a call today at (248) 379-0250 or (586) 726-6091 to have your Clinton Township sidewalks replaced!

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