Will Your Concrete Sidewalk Need Simple Repairs or Should You Replace It Completely?

Concrete is one of the most durable materials. However, like any other construction material, it too deteriorates with time and undergoes wear and tear. Harsh weather conditions, as well as high foot traffic, are some of the things that damage concrete. Concrete, when it develops cracks, looks awful. Unfortunately, not every time a concrete sidewalk develops a crack can it be fixed. In this article, we share with Waterford, MI, homeowners some tips on how can one know if a concrete sidewalk can be fixed or repaired or if it needs to be changed completely.

However, before we can give you more information on this, let us tell you about the different types of sidewalks.

Sidewalks are of two different types: private sidewalks and pedestrian sidewalks. Pedestrian sidewalks are also known as shared user sidewalks and fall under the jurisdiction of the city’s ordinance. On the other hand, the responsibility of private sidewalks falls on the homeowners. Private sidewalks generally connect with a pedestrian sidewalk, and they create the passage between your main door or driveway and the path outside your home. Though homeowners are responsible for maintaining private sidewalks in Waterford, MI, they must make sure that they comply with city policies and standards, especially when they are planning to replace or refurbish these sidewalks.

Getting to the main point now, when should you completely replace your sidewalk, and when should you consider repairing it? The answer depends on the level of damage that the sidewalk has undergone. Let us look at some of the common types of damages that private sidewalks undergo.


If your private sidewalk has developed narrow cracks, you need not worry much. These narrow cracks usually do not turn into a big problem. So, you can get these cracks fixed by calling a concrete expert. However, if you have been seeing hairline cracks or cracks that extend across a large area, you must act immediately. Hairline cracks appear when the concrete isn’t mixed properly, and if you have been seeing these cracks for a long time, you must consider replacing the entire sidewalk as hairline cracks mean an accident waiting to happen anytime.

Concrete Shifting

Though concrete is an extremely durable material, even concrete cannot stand against hard weather conditions, and Waterford, MI, experiences both harsh winters as well as extreme summers. Thus, it is not uncommon for private concrete sidewalks in Waterford, MI, to develop cracks and shift over time. If your sidewalk is pretty old, it is quite likely that you will see these cracks. If you feel your concrete sidewalk has shifted and developed cracks due to exposure, you must call a concrete sidewalk expert and have them look at your sidewalk. They will most likely, in this case, recommend replacing the whole sidewalk.


Concrete is a sturdy material, and therefore, concrete sidewalks last a long time. However, concrete, like any other material, undergoes wear and tear. Most of the time, this wear and tear is small and can be repaired. However, in some cases, like the ones mentioned above, you will have to consider replacing the entire sidewalk. If you have been seeing cracks or if your sidewalk looks extremely damaged, call a Waterford, MI, concrete sidewalk expert. Only they will be able to guide you on whether you must replace your concrete sidewalk or simply refurbish or fix it.

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