5 Things to Know Before You Get down to Pouring Concrete in Your Sterling Heights, MI Home

In the past, the trend of DIY jobs has picked up fast, especially in Sterling Heights, MI. After all, with easy access to the internet, it has become quite easy and straightforward to figure out how to different jobs on one’s own. However, pouring concrete is not as easy as most other DIY tasks — the job requires skill, training, and expertise. Thus, Sterling Heights, MI, homeowners must best leave this task to the experts. However, if you are convinced that you will be able to pull the job, here are a few things you must keep in mind.

#1 Always Check the Weather Conditions Before Beginning the Job

Though this is one of the basic requirements, many people make the common mistake of not checking the temperature before they start pouring concrete. When it comes to concrete, heat is essential as it helps the concrete to set. Rainfall and high humidity, on the other hand, are enemies of concrete. Unfortunately, the weather in Sterling Heights, MI, is quite disruptive. Thus, it is a good idea to check the weather forecast before you start pouring concrete.

#2 Make Sure You Have the Required Protective Gear with You

Many Sterling Heights, MI, homeowners make the mistake of starting the job of pouring concrete without having the required safety equipment. You may think that pouring concrete is a simple task that perhaps won’t lead to any accidents or mishaps, but don’t be too sure. Accidents can happen while you are pouring concrete. Thus, make it a point to cover your feet, face, and hands. Make sure to wear goggles to protect your eyes. Rubber gloves and boots are the other two things you will necessarily need. That apart, make sure to wear clothes that cover your entire hands and legs.

#3 Collect All the Required Tools Beforehand

On the internet, everything looks easy, including the task of pouring concrete. However, to be able to do this specific job properly, you will need specific tools. Many homeowners think they can use tools available at home to pull the job. Do not make this mistake. Before you start pouring concrete, make sure to have a concrete mixer, Grover, wheelbarrow, and a magnesium float by your side.

#4 Concrete Must Always Be Poured on an Even Foundation

Concrete should always be poured on an even concrete. This is one of the special details that people pouring concrete often forget to notice. Thus, before you start pouring concrete, make it a point to create an even foundation. Moreover, the foundation should not contain any soil or debris. Professionals use a tool called the place compactor to create an even foundation. If you have decided to do the job on your own, make sure to arrange for this particular tool.

#5 Water to Concrete Ratio Must Be Perfect

Lastly, it is crucial to figure out the right water for the concrete mixture. If the concrete has too much water, the concrete will become too runny and develop cracks. More importantly, such a concrete will have very low strength and will most likely survive only a few years. Thus, before you start with the job, do your research in detail and figure out what is the right amount of water needed to pull the job.

Key Takeaway

Pouring concrete may look easy but it is not. Thus, until and unless you have 100% faith in your skills, we recommend all Sterling, MI, homeowners to trust only a professional with concrete pouring.

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