Why Concrete Is A Better Choice For Metro, Detroit Parking Lots

Concrete is arguably the most commonly used construction material in the world today, thanks to its nearly unmatched versatility and availability. Because of the surging asphalt prices, most constructors and developers in Metro Detroit have shifted their attention toward concrete. Concrete is relatively affordable in terms of repairs and maintenance and can withstand lots of […]

Benefits of Resealing Concrete

Concrete is one of the most popular construction materials. It owes its popularity to its various positive features. For instance, concrete is sturdy and long-lasting. It is also a low-maintenance and affordable construction material. However, concrete is porous and therefore, its ability and tendency to absorb liquids can pose problems, especially in areas that experience […]

Everything Troy, MI, Homeowners Must Know About Ground Beams and Plinth Beams

Beams evenly distribute the load of a structure over columns and are often used by architects to create a firm foundation for the upper level of a home. In Troy, MI, architects use two different types of beams: ground beams and plinth beams. This article is a must-read for the unaware homeowner who does not […]

Benefits of Decorative Concrete

Also referred to as decorative concrete, exposed aggregate concrete is simply a special type of concrete that is arguably the oldest. And thanks to its unrivaled versatility, it can be used for a variety of applications. Below are some of the proven benefits of exposed aggregate concrete that all Birmingham, MI homeowners need to know: […]

5 Things to Know Before You Get down to Pouring Concrete in Your Sterling Heights, MI Home

In the past, the trend of DIY jobs has picked up fast, especially in Sterling Heights, MI. After all, with easy access to the internet, it has become quite easy and straightforward to figure out how to different jobs on one’s own. However, pouring concrete is not as easy as most other DIY tasks — […]

Which Is the Better Choice Between Aggregate and Solid Concrete?

People planning to make a driveway invariably do some research before getting started with the job and it’s a good thing too — one must get into details. Their research also always tells them that there are two different types of concrete driveways — aggregate and solid. Both aggregate and solid have their advantages and […]

Here’s What You Must Know About Concrete Pads- Oakland County, MI

Homeowners give a lot of thought to the type of generator they want. However, the generator pad or the foundation on which the machine is placed is a topic that gets little to no attention even though the importance of a generator pad must never be undermined. The foundation pad protects the generator by keeping […]

Common Mistakes Homeowners Make While Pouring Concrete

It is not uncommon for homeowners to think they can make a DIY-job of pouring concrete for patios and driveways. However, this mistake should be avoided as pouring concrete is a job that requires skill and expertise as well as detailed knowledge of the equipment and materials used for pouring concrete. Even a small problem […]

Stamped Concrete Maintenance Tips for Oakland County, MI Commercial Properties

One of the most profound ways Oakland County, Michigan commercial property owners can elevate their property is by unitizing stamped concrete in their various hardscapes and building elements. Beautiful in appearance and durable in performance, stamped concrete is revered for enhancing the image of commercial properties throughout Oakland County. But stamped concrete is sometimes assumed […]

Stamped Concrete – An investment with a great return 

Ask anyone how to make money and chances are the response will be something along the lines of “You have to spend money to make money”. And, that is a principle that cannot be discounted. So, if like most people, you accept the above premise as it applies in the financial and business worlds, why […]

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