A Guide For Installing Generator Concrete Pads In Birmingham, MI

Most homeowners in Birmingham, MI know that to maintain a generator and to ensure that it is working at its best, it needs to be kept away from dirt and mud. Some individuals may lay down a bed of gravel before setting their generator on top. This may be better than nothing, but it is […]

Here’s What You Must Know About Concrete Pads- Oakland County, MI

Homeowners give a lot of thought to the type of generator they want. However, the generator pad or the foundation on which the machine is placed is a topic that gets little to no attention even though the importance of a generator pad must never be undermined. The foundation pad protects the generator by keeping […]

Properly Installing Concrete Pads in Oakland County, Michigan 

When you think of your generator, how much tie do you spend thinking about its foundation? Was it a priority when you installed it? Or, if you are an Oakland County homeowner who is in the process of installing a generator – or thinking about installing a new generator – are you giving serious consideration […]

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