A Guide For Installing Generator Concrete Pads In Birmingham, MI

Most homeowners in Birmingham, MI know that to maintain a generator and to ensure that it is working at its best, it needs to be kept away from dirt and mud. Some individuals may lay down a bed of gravel before setting their generator on top. This may be better than nothing, but it is not the recommended solution.

Gravel might shift, and because generators tend to weigh more on one end compared to the other, the unit will settle in an uneven manner. It will also need re-leveling. A concrete pad is always the best choice for any clean, stable, and high-powered generator.

In this article, we are going to share with you a few things that you must know when installing generator concrete pads in Birmingham, MI.

Going With The Accurate Concrete Pad Size

The concrete pad for the generator must match the requirements of your generator, especially size. A generator pad that’s too thin or too thick is susceptible to cracking, which can lead to other costly issues. Generally, when choosing a concrete pad, you should give importance to the soil type. Also, consider the risk of floods in your area.

So how do you determine the right concrete pad in Birmingham, MI? There are two ways; these are as follows:

  • First, fitting the pad on the generator’s tank. To do this, pour concrete so that it fits the generator’s subbase tank. Using this method, you can ensure that the enclosure intake and discharge hoods extend beyond pads at the ends.
  • The other method involves comparing the dimensions of the enclosure and that of frames to center the generator on the pad.

Settle The Placement Of Conduit

The placement of the conduit is an essential consideration when it comes to installing a concrete pad for a generator. Have a sketch of the unit using the starting and end of the tank base and enclosure. These will serve as reference points. Next, use the drawing to locate the conduit per the sketch.

Build A Generator Enclosure

You don’t want to leave your generator exposed to damaging elements. For example, harsh weather conditions in Birmingham, MI can ruin your generator within a short period. And generator repairs are quite expensive.

As a homeowner, you can protect your generator by building an enclosure. Remember that mishaps, although rare, can happen and it is best to be prepared. Having an enclosure ensures protecting the people around them. Experts recommend an enclosure that is six-feet high so that the generator gets covered from all sides.

Concluding Thoughts

Installing a concrete pad in Birmingham, MI is a process that needs planning and calculation. To get the best results, always opt to hire a professional. This is because only professionals have adequate experience and expertise. With their help, you can ensure perfect concrete pad installation.

If you want more information about concrete pads for generators or need help with installation, the staff at Flat Rock Concrete Construction Inc. would be glad to help you out. Please feel free to get in touch with us!

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