Why Concrete Is A Better Choice For Metro, Detroit Parking Lots

Concrete is arguably the most commonly used construction material in the world today, thanks to its nearly unmatched versatility and availability. Because of the surging asphalt prices, most constructors and developers in Metro Detroit have shifted their attention toward concrete.

Concrete is relatively affordable in terms of repairs and maintenance and can withstand lots of traffic as well as extreme temperatures. It is also highly versatile and can be easily customized.

So, what are the advantages offered by concrete?

Compared to its asphalt counterpart, concrete offers a range of benefits, which include but are not limited to:

  • In terms of pricing, asphalt costs the same as concrete but comes with relatively higher maintenance costs. What’s more, concrete is more durable than asphalt and will serve you for a longer period.
  • There is zero cost associated with the annual maintenance of concrete. After all, you only need to clean your concrete regularly and seal damaged joints to keep it in great shape. On the other hand, asphalt must be upgraded after every few years and entirely replaced after a decade of use. What’s more, the overall maintenance cost of asphalt is at least 80% higher than the initial installation cost.
  • Asphalt is relatively expensive to install.
  • Concrete has a relatively light color compared to its concrete counterpart. And this simply implies that concrete reflects more light than asphalt. Concrete is almost 10 degrees Celsius cooler than asphalt. You can also paint it to lower the temperature of the building even further.
  • Concrete can also withstand heavier loads compared to asphalt without either cracking or developing potholes.
  • Also, thanks to its higher flexibility, concrete can be customized in terms of texture during the installation process.
  • And most importantly, asphalt doesn’t feature any recycled materials as compared to concrete. In case you didn’t know, concrete is made of ash, slag, concrete, or fly aggregate.

Creating the parking:

Parking lots often tend to experience higher traffic compared to other types of flooring. Bearing in mind that the speed of vehicles is relatively low, the ground doesn’t have to be entirely flat and smooth. When creating a parking lot, it is very important that you take note of its design. In this regard, if you are dealing with delivery trucks, the flooring of your parking should be thicker than five inches. On the other hand, a thickness of four inches is suitable for regular cars. It is also essential to take care of your parking drainage system. The drainage system should be slightly slanted to allow water to easily drain. Stagnant water can result in cracking, discoloration as well as staining.

The material:

It is imperative to note that any type of parking lot can be subjected to different situations, ranging from thawing, freezing, and bulky items as well as deicing chemicals. And this is why it is highly recommended that the concrete is mixed properly to ensure it is evenly portioned throughout the space.

Another important point to take into account when designing a parking lot is its durability and durability can only be achieved with a good surface layer. The surface should be resistant to both the thawing and freezing incidences and should also boast good overall structural strength. This will ensure the surface doesn’t either bend or crack when subjected to lots of pressure.

Your surface will remain in tip-top condition if you decide to use air-entrained concrete. On the other hand, if you do use a well-mixed grade, it will not only be relatively easy to handle, but will also prevent shrinking incidences. It’s worth noting that if your space has lots of sulfates, then you should use sulfate-resistant cement.

Some top tips to maintain your concrete:

Always allow your concrete surface to dry properly before you use it. This will ensure it seals properly and will also give it some great strength. Use joint sealers to curb staining. This will help extend the life of your parking lot and keep out both debris and moisture. Finally, eliminate all types of stains more regularly!

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