Properly Installing Concrete Pads in Oakland County, Michigan 

When you think of your generator, how much tie do you spend thinking about its foundation? Was it a priority when you installed it? Or, if you are an Oakland County homeowner who is in the process of installing a generator – or thinking about installing a new generator – are you giving serious consideration to the foundation?

Hopefully, you are set upon having a cornet pad as your generator’s foundation. IN this case, you may have already discovered that concrete pads are one of the most popular types of pads for generators because – as the base upon which the generator is placed – they enable the generator to say at a high level. This high level serves an important function as it prevents the generator from getting buried in the ground as the result of gravel or sand moving below it. If this occurs, it compromises the integrity of your generator.

So, for those Oakland County, Michigan residents who have chosen a concrete pad as the foundation for their generator, here are some guidelines for installing it properly.

The correct size is imperative

Believe it or not, gauging the chances of flooding is a factor in determining the correct size of your concrete pad. You must size it relative to how likely it will be that you experience flooding. The sizing issue also relates to your soil conditions.

Size your concrete pad in one of these two ways.

  • The sub-base tank 

You can fit it in accordance with your generator’s sub-base tank. If you size your concrete pad this way, you’ll ensure that the enclosure tanks and discharge hoods will extend further from the pad on both ends.  When the concrete is being poured, there are factors related to the submittal of the stub that must be taken into account. A fundamental you should know is that the part of the generator that rests on the concrete pad is known as the sub-base tank.

  • Centering

You can also size your concrete pad by centering your generator over the pad. If this is the route you deem best, you need to compare the concrete dimensions against the concrete pad’s dimensions.  You can do this easily. One way is to center the entire generator on a larger pad. The other is to use a shorter pad and center the base of the tank on that.

Identify the location of the conduit  

Oakland County, Michigan residents need to take into account the conduit’s position or location. Sketch the unit and verify the tank base’s start and endpoints as well as the enclosure. Rely on these sketches as points of reference.

Make an enclosure

Keep your generator as safe as possible by putting an enclosure around it so all four sides are protected. It is recommended that your enclosure be six inches on each of the four sides. But first, check the laws in Oakland County, Michigan regarding generator enclosures.

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