Benefits of Decorative Concrete

Also referred to as decorative concrete, exposed aggregate concrete is simply a special type of concrete that is arguably the oldest. And thanks to its unrivaled versatility, it can be used for a variety of applications. Below are some of the proven benefits of exposed aggregate concrete that all Birmingham, MI homeowners need to know:

This type of concrete is extremely versatile:

As already mentioned, exposed aggregate concrete is revered for its unmatched versatility. Homeowners, architects as well as established interior designers all prefer exposed concrete because of its ability to support a variety of applications. In fact, it is arguably the most versatile construction material. It can be customized into nearly any type of design and can also be given any depth or color. In effect, from conventional to contemporary, exposed aggregate concrete can be used to compliment all kinds of interiors and design.

It requires very little to no maintenance:

This is another great reason why every Birmingham, MI homeowner would want to install decorative concrete structures in their homes. Unlike other types of construction materials that demand routine care and maintenance, exposed aggregate concrete requires very little maintenance. In fact, you only have to effectively reseal this type of concrete a few times a year to keep it in peak condition. Of course, regular sweeping is highly recommended and somehow necessary, but this is something you carry out in every part of your home.

It will stand the test of time:

Exposed aggregate concrete will not only serve you for an extended period but will also never go out of fashion. After all, it is the oldest type of decorative concrete. And in the last few years, its popularity has only increased substantially. And this simply implies that it has become a timeless and classic option that will never become outdated. And by installing it in your new home, you can rest assured knowing that you will never have to worry about the possibility of your home becoming outdated or old-fashioned.

It is highly slip-resistant:

If you have seniors as well as kids and also have a swimming pool in your home, you probably spend lots of your time worrying about potential accidents that might occur as a result of slips and falls. You must also think about the possible ways to help mitigate those accidents. However, if you install exposed aggregate concrete in your home, you will rest assured that the chances of those accidents happening are almost zero. Thanks to its texture and finish, decorative concrete is both skid-free and slip-resistant. As a result, it has become quite common for Birmingham, MI residents to favor the use of decorative concrete in crafting pool decks. What’s more, Birmingham, MI experiences snow problems annually, and the prospect of installing this type of concrete on your walkways, driveways as well as sidewalks can be highly beneficial.

It is an attractive choice:

Most homeowners in Birmingham, MI often assume that decorative concrete is almost used as a slab. However, this is far from the truth, bearing in mind that a significant number of structures in Birmingham and its environs feature this type of concrete. It is commonly used to create borders as well as bands. One of the major reasons why both architects and designers in Birmingham, MI love exposed aggregate concrete is that it guarantees structures a conventional and classic appearance.

The bottom line:

Today, the use of decorative concrete has gained lots of traction and this amazing construction material has certainly become every homeowner’s preferred option when it comes to choosing concrete materials. It is a versatile material that is suitable for a variety of applications and can be used in driveways, sidewalks as well as patios. It is also highly durable, unique, and extraordinary!

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