Everything Troy, MI, Homeowners Must Know About Ground Beams and Plinth Beams

Beams evenly distribute the load of a structure over columns and are often used by architects to create a firm foundation for the upper level of a home. In Troy, MI, architects use two different types of beams: ground beams and plinth beams. This article is a must-read for the unaware homeowner who does not know anything about ground and plinth beams.

Everything You Need to Know About Ground Beams

Ground or grade beams are placed near the foundation with the help of piers. In most cases, ground beams are used when the soil or the ground underneath a home is not strong or sturdy enough to provide support to the structure above. In such a situation, in Troy, MI, architects use ground or grade beams to create support for walls and other areas of a home.

Ground or grade beams are made from concrete and architects prefer ground or grade beams as they are quite sturdy. Further, these beams are quite easy to make or manufacture and therefore, are easily available in Troy, MI. Further, they can be customized to meet the varying shape and sizing requirements of homeowners. Yet another reason why ground beams are so popular is that they attach well to other ground beams and their installation is simple and does not take very long. Moreover, ground beams are quite affordable too. Thus, contractors in Troy, MI, often choose them because they help keep things within budget.

If you are planning to settle base in Troy, MI, and are in the process of constructing a home, talk to your contractor and architect and see if ground beams would be a good choice for your property. If your contractor/architect thinks they are, you will not only have a very sturdy foundation but you will also be able to save a lot of money.

Everything You Need to Know About Plinth Beams

Plinth beams get their name from the level where they are placed. So, where is the plinth level located? The plinth level is located slightly above the ground level. Plinth beams are used to get rid of settlement or differential from a home’s structure. In simple words, plinth beams do the essential task of evenly distributing the load of a home on its foundation. This, in turn, protects a home from settlement issues. In Troy, MI, most homes do not have any cracks and breaks and this is because of plinth beams.

Plinth beams do not require any support to maintain their structure. However, their construction demands skill and precision as plinth beams do not function well if their height and breadth are not perfect. So, what is the ideal height and breadth for plinth beams? Plinth beams do not have a standard height as their ideal height depends on the structure they are to support. At the same time, plinth beams must also be mandatorily as thick and wide as the wall they are to support.

Final Thoughts

In Troy, MI, most homeowners think there is no real need to understand this real estate jargon. However, developing an understanding of everything that goes into your house is crucial to make sure your home gets the best of everything.

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