Auburn Hills, MI Concrete Contractor Discusses Different Types of Construction Beams

Nearly everyone is familiar with beams. After all, beams are a crucial component of a home’s structure. Beams can simply be defined as horizontal structures that construction engineers usually use to help evenly distribute the weight of various construction elements used in the upper parts of a house. Their primary task is to provide your […]

All You Need To Know About Plinth Beams and Ground Beams.

If you are a homeowner, the chances are high that you have seen or at least heard about beams. To put it simply, beams are essential horizontal structural elements of a building that transfer the loads among the columns located in the upper areas of a structure, its walls as well as the foundation. They […]

Everything Troy, MI, Homeowners Must Know About Ground Beams and Plinth Beams

Beams evenly distribute the load of a structure over columns and are often used by architects to create a firm foundation for the upper level of a home. In Troy, MI, architects use two different types of beams: ground beams and plinth beams. This article is a must-read for the unaware homeowner who does not […]

Here’s What You Must Know About Ground Beams and Plinth Beams

Beams are important horizontal structures — they help distribute and transfer the load among the columns located in the upper areas of a home, its walls, and foundation. In simple words, beams are those architectural components that hold a house together, especially the upper-level structure of a home. Professionals use two different types of beams: […]

Plinth Vs Ground Beams: Things You Must Know

The world of construction heavily depends on beams to lay a safe load path that will be able to transfer the forces or weight of structures to the walls, columns, and downwards to the foundation. Beams are designed to improve the structural integrity of buildings, thereby playing a crucial role. This is precisely why the […]

Plinth Beams Vs Ground Beams: Here’s What Construction Enthusiasts in New Haven, MI, Should Know

The construction industry relies on beams to create a safe load path that transfers the weight or forces of top structures to the columns, walls, and down into the foundations. Beams enhance the structural integrity of homes and buildings. That’s a critical role. As such, top building contractors in New Haven, MI, devote a lot […]

Plinth Beams and Ground Beams – What are they and what’s the difference?

When it comes to architectural components, beams are of utmost importance.  Helping in the transference and distribution of the load – be it dead or live – from the columns to the upper-level structures, the walls, or the foundation that lies below, beams are vital horizontal structures. Simply put, beams hold up upper-level structures. When […]

Difference Between Ground Beams and Plinth Beams

Beams are important components of architecture. In fact, these horizontal structures help to transfer and distribute the live or dead load from the upper structures to the columns, walls or the foundation underneath. In other words, beams help to hold the upper structures. These vertical structures help to also shape the structure and provide a […]

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