Here’s What You Must Know About Ground Beams and Plinth Beams

Beams are important horizontal structures — they help distribute and transfer the load among the columns located in the upper areas of a home, its walls, and foundation. In simple words, beams are those architectural components that hold a house together, especially the upper-level structure of a home. Professionals use two different types of beams: ground beams and plinth beans. Most Macomb County, MI, homeowners know nothing about these two types of beams: the differences between them and the function they serve. In this article, we will address this very topic. So, read on.

Here’s What You Must Know About Ground Beams

Ground beams also referred to as grade beams, are located at the foundation level, very close to the ground, and are held in place with the help of piers. They serve the crucial purpose of providing support to walls, joists, and several other architectural components of a home. In Macomb County, MI, contractors install ground beams when the soil underneath the ground is not hard enough to provide support to the structure on the top.

Ground or grade beams are made from concrete and are unbreakable. They are also quite easy to make and depending on Macomb County, MI, homeowners’ requirements can be made into different shapes and sizes. They distribute the wall’s load uniformly to the ground and can be easily attached to other ground beams. Contractors in Macomb County, MI, are fans of ground beams as they are easy to install, highly affordable, and sturdy. If you are planning to get your home, talk to your contractor, and see if ground or grade beams are a good option for you. If your contractor agrees, not only can you rest assured knowing that you have a solid foundation underneath your home, but will also be able to save a lot of money.

Here’s What You Must Know About Plinth Beams

Plinth beams are called so as they are built at the plinth level. The plinth level is located a little above the ground level. Unlike ground beams, plinth beams do not need any reinforcement to stand and provide support. However, plinth beams must be constructed very carefully as their height and breadth have to be perfect for them to be able to function properly. While the height of plinth beams depends on the structure they are to support, their breath must always be equal to the wall they are supporting. The plinth beam must also be as thick as the wall they are supporting.

Now, coming to an important question: why are plinth beams needed? Plinth beams support a very crucial purpose: they help erase settlement, also known as differential, from the structure of a home. In simple words, plinth beams help create balance by distributing the load evenly on a home’s foundation, which in turn, helps avoid settlement issues. When there are no settlement issues, even if cracks and breaks appear in a home’s foundation, they never spread to the walls.

The Final Word

Potential Macomb County, MI, homeowners must make themselves aware of real estate and construction jargon if they plan on becoming homeowners in near future. When you know everything there is to know, no one can fool you and you will always make the right decisions.

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