All You Need To Know About Plinth Beams and Ground Beams.

If you are a homeowner, the chances are high that you have seen or at least heard about beams. To put it simply, beams are essential horizontal structural elements of a building that transfer the loads among the columns located in the upper areas of a structure, its walls as well as the foundation. They […]

All You Need to Know About Solid and Aggregate Concrete Driveways

When Royal Oak, MI homeowners plan to construct driveways, they devote time researching different kinds of driveways. Thus, most of these homeowners are aware that primarily, there are two types: aggregate and solid concrete driveways. Both these have their pros and cons. Our post will cover the differences between solid and aggregate concrete driveways and […]

Stamped Concrete Maintenance Tips for Commercial Property Owners in Royal Oak, MI

Many commercial property owners in Royal Oak, MI, are now opting for the stamped concrete material for driveways, patios, theme parks, malls, and more. Just like conventional concrete, stamped concrete is durable but adds a decorative touch. It mimics the aesthetic features of bricks, wood, and stone pavers. The other appealing reasons why businesses are […]

Here’s What Royal Oak, MI, Homeowners Must Know About Concrete Pads for Generators

When Royal Oak, MI, homeowners think of getting a generator, they deliberate much and usually do some research on things like the model, size, etc. However, not many homeowners think about the generator’s foundation, even when the foundation plays a crucial role in enhancing the life of the generator. Those Royal Oak, MI homeowners planning […]

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