Stamped Concrete Maintenance Tips for Commercial Property Owners in Royal Oak, MI

Many commercial property owners in Royal Oak, MI, are now opting for the stamped concrete material for driveways, patios, theme parks, malls, and more. Just like conventional concrete, stamped concrete is durable but adds a decorative touch. It mimics the aesthetic features of bricks, wood, and stone pavers.

The other appealing reasons why businesses are considering stamped concrete include:


-Easy maintenance

-Less labor-intense

-Comes in a wide range of colors and styles

While stamped surfaces require low maintenance, some property owners still fail to observe even the basic level of care. Routine maintenance is critical to preserve the beauty and integrity of your stamped concrete.

Here are a few tips to help you with the maintenance of your stamped concrete.

Clean stamped concrete regularly

Keeping the stamped concrete as clean as possible can help avoid the build of dirt and debris, which could otherwise degrade the sealant that protects the concrete surface. It is a basic task that can maintain the overall curb appeal of your property while extending the stamped concrete’s lifespan.

Since stamped concrete closely mimics the properties of materials like brick and stone pavers, expect cleaning to be easy. You do not need to invest in highly specialized tools or cleaning solutions.

You will probably need a leaf blower, mild liquid soap, and a low-pressure hose. Scrub any stains with a soft-bristle push broom and a small amount of elbow grease. In case there is mold or mildew on the stamped concrete surface, then try out products that contain biocides.

A word of caution: stay away from harsh chemical cleaners like bleach and ammonia. Even in diluted form, these cleaners can discolor the concrete finish.

Reseal every 2 to 3 years

A sealant or protective sealer serves several purposes, including protecting the concrete from:

-De-icing salt and moisture

-UV exposure that leads to color fading

-Deep penetration of oil, grease, chemicals, and other substances.

Unfortunately, stamped concrete begins to dull after some time. That’s why property owners in Royal Oak, MI, are advised to consider resealing their stamped concrete every 2-3 years. It helps restore the luster and improve concrete durability.

There are different types of protective sealers to choose from. If you are not sure of the best option for your property, feel free to consult with a professional.

Another thing worth mentioning is that sealants also make cleaning easy, especially in interior installations. You can also use a rug to even out high traffic areas.

Outdoor stamped surfaces in commercial properties are prone to tough stains, such as tire marks and grease spills. Cleaning such stains require a pressure washer. However, be careful when using pressure washing machines because they can damage the sealer. Hire professionals for better results.

Another tip:

It is a good idea to clean oil and grease spills immediately. Also, don’t let water stand on your driveway or patio for several hours or days.


Please note this is not an exhaustive list of tips for maintaining stamped concrete. If you need other solutions or have any questions, speak with a professional specializing in stamped concrete in Royal Oak, MI.

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