Plinth Vs Ground Beams: Things You Must Know

The world of construction heavily depends on beams to lay a safe load path that will be able to transfer the forces or weight of structures to the walls, columns, and downwards to the foundation. Beams are designed to improve the structural integrity of buildings, thereby playing a crucial role. This is precisely why the best building contractors in Sterling Heights, MI devote a significant amount of time and effort in choosing the most appropriate type of beams for all their construction projects.

When it comes to types of beams, there are several options. In this article, we will emphasize the two most popular types of beams widely used in the construction industry. These are the plinth and the ground beams. We will tell you what they are and the advantages of using them.

Plinth Beams

When we use the term ‘plinth beam’, we mean those beams that are in a framed structure at the ground level. The plinth level lies between a building’s ground floor and the top part of the tie beam. Construction companies in Sterling Heights, MI choose plinth beams to bind columns. This significantly reduces the ratio of column length and slenderness.

When constructing plinth beams, contractors use two bars at the bottom and two at the top. The structure determines the height and width of the beam. As a standard rule, building professionals need to ensure that the width of the beams and wall match. They can also try and make the width thicker. And even though these beams need to be strong, they do not need reinforcement like most other types available out there in the market.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Plinth Beams

Some of the advantages of using plinth beams are as follows:

-These beams create a solid structure by distributing the load across columns to the foundation

– They help binding beams to the columns. This reduces the risks of developing foundational cracks which spread toward the walls

– Plinth beams can be deployed to elevate structures above the ground to protect them against elements like water

-Building contractors recommend the use of plinth beams because of the durability factor. These beams can even be used in areas prone to earthquakes.

Ground Beams: What Are They

Ground beams are mainly constructed at the foundational level of any structure. Also popular as grade beams, ground beams offer support for walls and joists. In layman’s words, ground beams help establish a strong foundation that can facilitate construction.

Benefits of Using Ground Beams

Some of the advantages of using ground beams are as follows:

– The best part about ground beams is that they are easy to install and involves less hassle to construct.

– They can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The flexible beam supports the foundation and soil, providing a sturdy surface to build on.

– The ground beam is buildable, indicating that more beams can easily get added to it. Some of the additions include pipes, rebars, conduits, and dowels.

– Many concrete companies prefer ground beams because they require less labor cost, lesser installation time, and can be relied on.

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