Why Concrete Is Best Suited For Ramps

Until recently, there were very limited discussions and conversations about the overall welfare of persons with disability. Thankfully, the awareness, as well as conversations around disabilities, have significantly increased in the last couple of years, resulting in absolutely necessary changes. And one such major change is currently being experienced in public buildings. Government officials across […]

Why Concrete Is A Better Choice For Metro, Detroit Parking Lots

Concrete is arguably the most commonly used construction material in the world today, thanks to its nearly unmatched versatility and availability. Because of the surging asphalt prices, most constructors and developers in Metro Detroit have shifted their attention toward concrete. Concrete is relatively affordable in terms of repairs and maintenance and can withstand lots of […]

How To Incorporate Pea Gravel Into Your Home

In the last few years, pea gravel has gained lots of popularity, thanks to the host of benefits it provides. But what exactly is pea gravel? Pea gravel is relatively small, features smooth sides as well as rounded edges, and is soft to touch. It is available in a range of shapes and colors and […]

Five Types Of Parking Curbs in Macomb, MI

Whether you are creating or renovating the parking space on your commercial property, the layout should guarantee both your clients and employees an optimal parking experience. Parking curbs are a crucial safety feature for any parking space. Unfortunately, not many people pay attention to parking curbs and as such, don’t realize their significance. Research shows […]

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