Concrete Driveway Repair Tips and Hints for Metro Detroiters

Homeowners throughout Metro Detroit with concrete driveways pat themselves on the back frequently because they know how smart they were to go with a concrete drivewayThey feel the value of their concrete driveway every day – to only its durability but also the way it retains its unflawed appearance year after year.  In short, they last a long time and prove to Metro Detroit homeowners that they made a really sound investment.

But concrete driveways are subject to discoloring and cracking over time. Even those who take attentive care of their concrete driveway will see areas in need pf repair eventually. However, the damages will be much more severe if they are neglected.

Let’s face it- Metro Detroit has severe weather conditions throughout the year – especially in winter. And the weather conditions that concrete driveways – like all of us – have to endure take a toll. But a concrete driveway will take an even harder hit if it is constructed of low-quality materials.

So, in effect, while the damages that can happen to concrete driveway are pretty routine, the causes of the damage can vary. And, unless the reason for the damage is accurately determined, it can’t be repaired correctly or effectively. So, those in Metro Detroit need to be aware that the approach to repairing your concrete driveway is directly related to what caused the damage.

Let’s explain that in more detail.

Here is the relationship of the cause of damage to damage repair for Metro Detroit concrete driveways

Method of repair: Resurfacing

If the surface of the concrete driveway is damaged, resurfacing is an approach for repairing it that involves pouring a cement-based overlay on top of it. This adheres to the surface of your driveway and gives it a brand-new surface that is nice and smooth. It also gives it strength as it dries. It is advised to not drive on it until after a day. If you think it’s time for a new driveway, seriously consider resurfacing your existing driveway. It’s a great, money-saving alternative.

Method of repair: Engraving

If you notice the everyday kind of discoloring or cracks, you can get them repaired with engraving. Essentially, your concrete driveway gets stained, so it is refreshed. Then, lines are engraved through a routing process. These lines are colorless and cast the appearance of grout lines.

Method of repair: Discoloration reversal

There are all sorts of explanations for how and why concrete driveways become discolored. Sunlight can do it, as can grease and other types of stains. When this happens, there is a reversal process that can be applied. When an acid or water-based stain is applied, the concrete’s original hue can be restored. This leaves your Metro Detroit concrete driveway beautiful once again while adding to its lifespan.

For parking lots that are concrete, there is a damage repair process called lifting. Since concrete parking lots can sink, they can get lifted to be secured in their original positions.

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