Why You Should Consider Stamped Concrete for Your Troy, MI Home

Stamped concrete has become a popular choice for both residential and commercial property owners for a variety of reasons. Stamped concrete is created by pressing a pattern or design into freshly poured concrete, resulting in a unique and attractive finish. Here are some reasons why stamped concrete is a good option: Versatility: Stamped concrete can […]

Understanding the Difference Between Plinth and Ground Beams

Beams are critical to homes and buildings as they do the critical task of dividing the load created by top structures into columns and walls as well as the foundation underneath. In other words, in any construction, beams help to hold the entire structure in place. Further, beams create the strong footing that buildings need. […]

Here’s Why Concrete Ramps for Disabled People Are a Good Idea

Until a few years ago, the conversations and discussions that happened behind closed doors in bureaucratic corridors often did not have any mention of disabled people and their rights. Fortunately, the awareness and conversation around disabilities have picked up in the last few years, leading to changes that were utmost necessary. One such change is […]

Concrete Driveway Repair Tips and Hints for Metro Detroiters

Homeowners throughout Metro Detroit with concrete driveways pat themselves on the back frequently because they know how smart they were to go with a concrete driveway.  They feel the value of their concrete driveway every day – to only its durability but also the way it retains its unflawed appearance year after year.  In short, […]

Getting the Most from Your Concrete in Bloomfield Hills

If you made the wise choice of concrete when constructing your home’s exterior and outdoor living space in Bloomfield Hills, it was probably based upon all the advantages concrete offers. And, as you likely know, among those advantages is its longevity. However, what you might not be aware of is how to maintain it so […]

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