Here’s Why Concrete is Your Best Option for Your Michigan Driveway

When it comes to driveway materials, concrete is often considered the best option due to its durability, longevity, and low maintenance requirements. Below, we explore some of the reasons why concrete is a great choice for your driveway. Durability Concrete is a highly durable material that can withstand heavy traffic, harsh weather conditions, and the […]

Asphalt or Concrete for your Beverly Hills, Michigan Driveway?

There are many different materials that can be used to pave a driveway in Beverly Hills, Michigan.   You may be considering cobblestone, gravel, and brick pavers.  However, after researching each of the materials, we find that most narrow down their search to either an asphalt driveway or a poured concrete driveway. If you are considering […]

Why Farmington Hills Homeowners Should Consider an Exposed Aggregate Driveway!

Although many of our residential customers in southeast Michigan choose to go with a brushed concrete driveway, some choose to take it up a notch with an exposed aggregate driveway.  They desire an attractive color and texture for a stunning decorative concrete driveway.  There are benefits to exposed aggregate as well as a few considerations. […]

Here’s Why Concrete Ramps for Disabled People Are a Good Idea

Until a few years ago, the conversations and discussions that happened behind closed doors in bureaucratic corridors often did not have any mention of disabled people and their rights. Fortunately, the awareness and conversation around disabilities have picked up in the last few years, leading to changes that were utmost necessary. One such change is […]

Solid and Aggregate – The Two Types of Concrete Driveways – Differences and Advantages

Those who are leading toward a concrete driveway quickly learn that there are two types to choose from – aggregate or solid. While both have all the features of concrete – impressive durability and longevity – they also have differences that should be acknowledged before making a final decision. A brief overview of aggregate and […]

Questions to Ask a Contractor Before Hiring Them to Install Your Patio

A tiny flaw in a patio landscape design can make it susceptible to settling and drainage issues. More importantly, a poorly implemented design can completely ruin the look of your home. If you are planning to get a patio for your home, you must trust only the best to do the job. Here are a […]

Tips on How to Select the Right Concrete Contractor for a Job in Royal Oak, MI

If a restoration project is in the pipeline, we recommend finding out the time to do some research and hiring the right contractor for the job. A lousy restoration job will not only cause you a financial loss but will also expose you to unwanted dangers. To avoid any hassles, find a contractor whose work […]

The Basics of Stamped Concrete

If you’re thinking to start a new stamped concrete home project, you must first understand the basics of this process. Our experts have compiled everything you need to know about the whole process including the different stages involved and the basic information related to colors and patterns of stamped concrete. Basic Patterns of Stamped Concrete […]

Concrete Parking Lots – Is It the Right Choice for You?

When it comes to parking lots, almost all building owners go towards concrete. Concrete parking lots are not only economic but also durable. Asphalt is also a popular contender in the parking lot game, but the easy affordability and constriction of the concrete parking lot has made it a popular choice for many contractors. Advantages […]

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