Concrete Parking Lots – Is It the Right Choice for You?

When it comes to parking lots, almost all building owners go towards concrete. Concrete parking lots are not only economic but also durable. Asphalt is also a popular contender in the parking lot game, but the easy affordability and constriction of the concrete parking lot has made it a popular choice for many contractors.

Advantages of Concrete Parking Lots

You don’t just build parking lots and forget about them. No, you have to maintain them and make sure that everything goes smoothly.

One of the main reasons why asphalt is a popular choice for parking lots is because its initial cost is less than concrete. However, the prices of asphalt are on the rise, and pretty soon that difference will be null and void. Another thing you should know is that the maintenance cost of asphalt is very expensive as compared to concrete. Concrete parking lots need minimal maintenance and also last longer than asphalt.

Following are some more advantages of concrete parking lots:

  • The maintenance costs for concrete parking lots are very low. However, asphalt parking lots need to be refurbished after every 10 years. Not to mention that after every few years, you will have to get your parking lot coated with liquid asphalt. That will require the parking lot to be closed until the maintenance is done, causing interruptions.
  • The surface of the concrete is light as compared to asphalt. This will save you from installing too many light fixtures, reducing energy consumption. The lighter shade also makes it safer for drivers.
  • The lighter the color of your parking lot, the lower its temperature will be in the summer months. The light coloring of concrete parking lots makes them a better choice as compared to asphalt.
  • Concrete parking lots have higher strength and rigidity as compared to asphalt, which means they can support heavier loads better. If your parking lot houses a lot of load-carrying vehicles, then you should definitely invest in concrete parking lots. The 5-inch thick concrete has the same load-carrying ability as an 8-inch asphalt parking lot.
  • You can get your concrete parking lot stamped and colored.


Like we said before, concrete parking lots require minimal maintenance. Following are some maintenance tips that will help extend the lifespan of your concrete parking lot:

  • Remove any and all stains as soon as they appear so they don’t get a chance to set
  • Keep the concrete parking lot clean. The dust and debris from cars should be removed as soon as possible
  • Apply concrete sealant to make sure that the stains don’t get absorbed in the surface
  • Always hire professionals to carry out repairs and maintenance
  • Make sure that your concrete parking lot is not overloaded as it can get damaged

The low maintenance and many advantages of concrete parking lots make them the superior option. It is a no-brainer that you should choose concrete for your parking lot, not asphalt.

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