Why Concrete Is Best Suited For Ramps

Until recently, there were very limited discussions and conversations about the overall welfare of persons with disability. Thankfully, the awareness, as well as conversations around disabilities, have significantly increased in the last couple of years, resulting in absolutely necessary changes. And one such major change is currently being experienced in public buildings. Government officials across […]

Determining If Your Concrete Sidewalk Need Repairs or Replacement

Despite being one of the most preferred construction materials for sidewalks due to its durability, concrete deteriorates over time, leading to wear and tear. Harsh weather and high foot traffic are the main culprits of damaged concrete sidewalks experience. A cracked concrete sidewalk is not attractive at all, which begs the question – should you […]

Here’s Why Concrete Ramps for Disabled People Are a Good Idea

Until a few years ago, the conversations and discussions that happened behind closed doors in bureaucratic corridors often did not have any mention of disabled people and their rights. Fortunately, the awareness and conversation around disabilities have picked up in the last few years, leading to changes that were utmost necessary. One such change is […]

Concrete Ramps for People With Disabilities

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA, every public building should have a ramp that allows disabled people to access the building with ease. This act was created to safeguard the rights of people with disabilities. The law requires that all the buildings holding public dealings should have a ramp, providing people with […]

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