Concrete Ramps for People With Disabilities

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA, every public building should have a ramp that allows disabled people to access the building with ease. This act was created to safeguard the rights of people with disabilities. The law requires that all the buildings holding public dealings should have a ramp, providing people with mobility issues access without any hindrance.  According to the law, buildings such as hotels, retailers, government agencies, shopping centers, and apartment complexes must have ramps.

As per the law, all the buildings that are being constructed must now follow the requirements set by the ADA. You might have noticed that some older buildings don’t usually have ramps, but just stairs. These buildings must be renovated to make sure people with mobility issues don’t face any accessibility problems.

Specifications Matter

The ADA has a set of specifications that must be followed by everyone. It is not as simple as adding a ramp that will allow people in wheelchairs or electric scooter to glide up and down. There are some specific rules that must be followed.

The ADA has specified the particulars for the construction of the ramps. These include steepness of the ramp, its width, and length. The ADA also requires the ramp to be equipped with handrails, side walls, and curbing.

The ADA has also provided specific instructions regarding issues related to parking. For instance, sometimes the door’s path could be blocked by a curb. In that case, there has to be a curb ramp that will allow people with disabilities with a passage to the entrance of the building. Also, the ADA provides guidelines on how many handicapped parking spaces are mandatory as well the location, size, and the signage requirements.

Concrete Ramps Are the Way to Go

When it comes to ramp construction, the ADA allows you to use several materials including fiberglass, wood, aluminum, and concrete. According to the law, the material used should be slip-resistant and doesn’t absorb or collect water. So, you can see why concrete is the go-to material here. It is the best choice for you because it doesn’t absorb water and will provide a slip-free ramp. Concrete is also long-lasting and will stay by your side for years with proper maintenance. This proves that concrete is a far better choice for ramp building.

All of ADA’s requirements have to be followed to the letter. Even a small error in the construction of the ramps can bring big trouble. If you don’t comply with the guidelines set by the ADA, you will be required to demolish the ramp and get it rebuilt. This can be very costly for you.

That is why it is important that you hire a team of contractors who are well versed with the rules set by the ADA. They will be able to provide you with quality services as they have knowledge and experience of building concrete ramps.  If you are looking for a professional concrete contractor in the Metro-Detroit area, give Flat Rock Concrete Construction, Inc a call today.  Call us today at (248) 379-0250 or (586) 726-6091.

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