What You Need to Know Before Installing Your Patio in Shelby Township 

As the sun shines a bit brighter and seemingly a longer each day, thoughts of winter fade as thoughts of summer seep into the minds of Shelby Township homeowners. Just thinking about the cookouts, gatherings, and enjoying the transition of warm summer afternoons into warm summer evenings gives folks in Shelby Township an extra bounce […]

The Top 4 Reasons Why Concrete Patios are Surging in Popularity

When you think of concrete, especially for a patio, what image initially comes to mind? Do you see a dull, bland gray slab stamped in an area of the yard? Or do you see an upscale, beautifully finished contemporary patio with all sorts of possibilities? If you answer honestly, the first knee-jerk reaction you have […]

Questions to Ask a Contractor Before Hiring Them to Install Your Patio

A tiny flaw in a patio landscape design can make it susceptible to settling and drainage issues. More importantly, a poorly implemented design can completely ruin the look of your home. If you are planning to get a patio for your home, you must trust only the best to do the job. Here are a […]

The Absolute Best Features of Stamped Concrete Patios

Spring is coming. And pretty soon, you might start looking out at your yards, landscaping, and outdoor living space overall to decide what you can do and will do to punch things up a bit. How are you going to customize your backyard and add get even more out of the outdoors? If you’re like […]

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