The Absolute Best Features of Stamped Concrete Patios

Spring is coming. And pretty soon, you might start looking out at your yards, landscaping, and outdoor living space overall to decide what you can do and will do to punch things up a bit. How are you going to customize your backyard and add get even more out of the outdoors?

If you’re like many homeowners, your thoughts will likely gravitate to your patio. Maybe your existing patio just isn’t adequate and needs remodeling. Maybe you don’t really have one at all. In any case, if you’re looking for ways to update or recreate your patio space, this is an ideal time to make plans for a stamped concrete patio.

What is a stamped concrete patio?

Built of stamped concrete, a stamped concrete patio is constructed similarly to how a standard concrete patio is constructed. However, this concrete is given a tint prior to pouring so it’s one consistent color throughout. After its poured, the concrete is stamped with the design of your choosing. This design can cast the appearance of brick, tile or stone among many other options.

The end patio has a natural look but is customed based upon your preference and suitability to your existing home’s exterior as well as your existing or planned landscaping and hardscaping. For example, if you like the notion of curves and other creative individualized designs that you wanted to use more in your landscaping design, poured concrete can create just what you envision.

Why are stamped concrete patios so popular?

Stamped concrete patios offer advantages and benefits without really any downsides.

First and foremost, just to get this out of the way upfront, stamped concrete is not nearly as costly as many other types of patio surfaces. This is due to the fact that it doesn’t demand the degree of labor for installing than other materials – like pavers and natural stone – require. Even the concrete is not as expensive as the other patio surface options available.

To further support the low labor costs advantage, stamped concrete patios are quick to install. They’re one of the quickest types of patios to install in fact. They are installed in the way that a slab is. This means you not only save on labor costs, but you don’t’ have to be inconvenienced for nearly as long.

If you’d prefer not to have to spend a lot of your spring, summer and fall downtime maintaining your patio, a stamped concrete patio is your answer. Despite how elegant it looks stamped concrete doesn’t need to be resealed every year – only every other year. But you will want to maintain that schedule to prevent your luxurious patio from cracking or chipping and to maintain its color. Otherwise, the only maintenance required is that you sweep it from time to time.

And, as if all of these aren’t enough to convince you that a stamped concrete patio should be in your near future, here’s one more reason: They will last for many, many years. These patios don’t sink, and they can handle a lot of weight and activity.

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