The Top 4 Reasons Why Concrete Patios are Surging in Popularity

When you think of concrete, especially for a patio, what image initially comes to mind? Do you see a dull, bland gray slab stamped in an area of the yard? Or do you see an upscale, beautifully finished contemporary patio with all sorts of possibilities?

If you answer honestly, the first knee-jerk reaction you have to that question might be due to when and where you grew up. For example, if you were one of those who had grandparents with a slab of concrete, they called a patio, are probably still stick with that paradigm. They reflect upon a boring slab of concrete with a gas grill and a plastic table and chairs.

But, if you missed one of those types of childhood memories, and you’ve been paying attention to contemporary patio design and modern construction, you might see – or have seen – how elegant concrete patios have become. And, it’s likely you’re either considering one for your home or are certainly open to the option. If you’re not yet, you probably will be after reading about their advantages.

Contemporary concrete patios are gaining popularity for a wide range of reasons. Here are the top 4

Concrete patios expand your outdoor living space functionally and affordably.  If you don’t have a patio at all, imagine being able to have one at a very affordable price per square foot. Just think about the ways you can relax, entertain, and get a sense of more open space just by installing a concrete patio. Look around at your property, chances are there is some open, unused square footage that can be transformed into a living, entertainment, relaxation, and gathering space – easily and within your budget.

Concrete patios are available in a variety of beautiful, aesthetically appealing styles and designs. As suggested above, cornet doesn’t’ have to associate with dull gray anymore. It comes in a variety of styles including stenciled, engraved, and stamped. Concrete patios can now take on the look of stone, wood, or brick – beautifully and elegantly. It’s quite possible that you and your family will be the only ones who know the foundation of your patio is concrete.

Concrete patios are low maintenance. In addition to the above features, what if all you had to do to keep your patio clean and pristine was to sweep it and once in a while, spray it with your garden hose? If the concrete is a solid surface, it won’t foster mold, insects, or the growth of weeds. In alternating years, applying a sealant will sustain its original luster for many years to come.

Concrete patios are durable. As an extension of the features mentioned above, concrete patios don’ts skink, warp and or rot. And, as if that wasn’t enough, they don’t’ burn. All you need to do is ensure that your concrete patio has the proper curing, drainage, and reinforcement, and the control joints are of the quality necessary to prevent any type of cracking.

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