Getting the Most from Your Concrete in Bloomfield Hills

If you made the wise choice of concrete when constructing your home’s exterior and outdoor living space in Bloomfield Hills, it was probably based upon all the advantages concrete offers. And, as you likely know, among those advantages is its longevity.

However, what you might not be aware of is how to maintain it so it continues to glimmer and glow year after year as it withstands all that the four-season climate in Bloomfield Hills will throw at it.

The good news is that the maintenance of concrete is relatively easy and straight forward. Essentially, if you take the following steps routinely, you will ensure a decades-long lifespan for your concrete structures while also retaining it’s like-new appearance.

Here are the guidelines to follow to properly, effectively maintain your Bloomfield Hills concrete structures.

Expand its lifespan with sealant. Damage – or potential damage – will occur in Bloomfield Hills. From harsh weather to heavy traffic, your concrete structures will take some hits. But, if you opt to seal it, you will prevent or severely mitigate the appearance of any damage.

Once you choose to seal your concrete, you will be presented with a range of different kinds of sealants.   There are integral sealers that are combined with the concrete compound and there are topical sealers that adhere to the concrete’s surface which gives it an added layer of protection. Whichever type you choose to apply – topical or integral – you will help prevent damage and assure your concrete retains a fresh, vibrant look.

Preempt stains before they set in. If you seal your concrete structure, you will do a lot in preventing stains. However, they can still happen. Spills occur, especially oil and other liquids that are often used outside – especially in your driveway. These spills can cause stains despite having sued a sealant. As soon as a spill occurs, stop what you are doing and wipe it up.

Cleanliness is key.  It doesn’t matter if your Bloomfield Hills concrete structure is a patio or a floor, you need to ensure it is kept clean. When you clean concrete you remove debris and dirt from it while lending it a fresh appearance and extending its lifespan. So, you get instant gratification through its appearance and long-term satisfaction in knowing you are also extending its life.

You can clean your concrete a few different ways. Pressure washing is extremely effective for outdoor concrete structures while indoor concrete structures, like flooring, should be scrubbed with a brush. Indoor concrete doesn’t require tedious, painstaking scrubbing in order to make it clean.

Manage the load. Granted, concrete is strong and sturdy. It lasts a very long time. This means your concrete driveway can withstand tremendous weight and traffic over a long period of time. Nonetheless, concrete can be damaged from excessively heavy machinery or even vehicles.

So, if your lifestyle includes very heavy vehicles or machinery that are always on your property, make every effort to store or park them somewhere besides your driveway. Eventually, it will take a toll on your concrete.

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