Concrete Structure Maintenance Guide

In Sterling Heights, MI, homes, you will find the usage of concrete quite common. Concrete structures, in particular, are quite popular in the city, and this is primarily because concrete structures are sturdy and highly durable. They are also quite easy to maintain. However, most Sterling Heights, MI, homeowners are clueless about the simple things they can do to enhance the life of their concrete structures.

Maintaining concrete is simple — all you need to do is stick to the regular maintenance guide for concrete. In this article, we shed some light on things you can do to enhance the life of your concrete structures.

Seal Your Concrete Structures Properly and Regularly

Sterling Heights, MI, is no stranger to harsh weather conditions — the city sees both extreme summers as well as winters. Therefore, it is not surprising that concrete structures in Sterling Heights, MI, undergo weather-related damages. However, homeowners can protect concrete structures against this damage by sealing them properly. There are many different kinds of sealants available in the market — while integral sealants blend well with the concrete structure, topical sealants work by sticking to the surface of the sealant. Talk to a concrete expert and figure out which concrete would be the right choice for you, but make sure to seal your concrete structures well and in time.

Clean Your Concrete Structures Regularly and Get Rid of Stubborn Stains as Soon as Possible

Yet another thing that you must do to enhance the life of your concrete structures is clean them regularly and properly. Unclean concrete structures not only look old but also get damaged easily. The good news is that concrete structures require minimal maintenance — basic sweeping is enough to keep these structures clean. You can also hire a Sterling Heights, MI, pressure washing expert after every few months to properly clean your concrete structures. However, make sure to never pressure wash your concrete structures on your own as the pressure washing machine is not easy to use and using it the wrong way can leave a structure permanently damaged.

If your concrete structure has developed a stain or mark, make a scrub, water, and soap solution and wash the area properly to get rid of the stain. However, certain stains, such as oil spillage, tend to leave permanent marks. Therefore, in the case of stubborn stains, you must clean the spot immediately. This will keep the stain from becoming permanent.

Keep Heavy Machinery Away from Your Concrete Structures

Sterling Heights, MI, homeowners prefer concrete as it is highly durable. However, concrete is also susceptible to damages. Therefore, if you want your concrete structures to last long, we recommend that you keep heavyweight machines away from your concrete structures. Similarly, try and reduce the total traffic on these structures. This will certainly help you keep your concrete structures looking new and beautiful.


If you are planning to get some concrete structures installed in your Sterling Heights, MI, home, we recommend you go ahead with your decision. Concrete structures last long years. More importantly, they are also quite easy to maintain. Therefore, you are most certainly making the right choice. However, once you have installed these structures, take proper care of them. We recommend taking the help of some Sterling Heights, MI, concrete experts.

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