Concrete Structure Maintenance Guide

In Sterling Heights, MI, homes, you will find the usage of concrete quite common. Concrete structures, in particular, are quite popular in the city, and this is primarily because concrete structures are sturdy and highly durable. They are also quite easy to maintain. However, most Sterling Heights, MI, homeowners are clueless about the simple things […]

Everything You Need to Know About the Curbs You See in Sterling Heights, MI

Curbs are ubiquitous in Sterling Heights, MI. We see them everywhere in the city and yet most of us know nothing about them. What are curbs? Curbs are short walls installed on the sides of pavements and streets. They serve several different functions. For instance, they act as a barrier between the road and the […]

Understanding Concrete Sidewalks: Knowing When They Require Repair or Replacement

Recognized as a durable construction material, concrete can resist deterioration over a long period. When concrete starts deteriorating, it is due to harsh weather elements and other conditions like fluctuating temperature, movement of the ground, and continuous, stressful weight. As a result, they crack, and the cracks become hazardous. So, how do you know if […]

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