Everything You Need to Know About the Curbs You See in Sterling Heights, MI

Curbs are ubiquitous in Sterling Heights, MI. We see them everywhere in the city and yet most of us know nothing about them. What are curbs? Curbs are short walls installed on the sides of pavements and streets. They serve several different functions. For instance, they act as a barrier between the road and the roadside. Many Sterling Heights, MI, business owners use curbs to stop drivers from parking outside their business. Further, since Sterling Heights, MI, receives its fair share of snow, homeowners in the city also use curbs to direct snow water into storm drains. Finally, many homeowners use curbs simply because they give a home a finished look.

In this article, we discuss the various kinds of curbs and give you information on which type of curb goes where and why.

Barrier or Straight Curbs

Barrier Curbs or Straight Curbs are not only supremely popular in Sterling Heights, MI, but can be frequently seen around the world. These curbs act as a barrier between a road, driveway, sidewalk, or any other space and a vehicle. Generally, cement concrete or asphalt aggregates are used in the construction of barrier curbs or straight curbs. It is, thus, that barrier curbs look quite formal and finished, and therefore, many homeowners use them simply to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their home or business.

Rolling Curbs

Rolling Curbs resemble barrier curbs. However, they are slanted and softer in appearance than barrier curbs. Rolling curbs also act as a barrier between vehicles and roads and driveways. Their design is such that they create ample space for cars to drive over them. These curbs are quite common in Sterling Heights, MI, and one can find them almost everywhere.

Fused or Integral Curbs

Fused or integral curbs, also often known as monolithic curbs, are called so as they are constructed in such a way that they fuse or integrate with the road, driveway, sidewalk, or pavement they protect. In Sterling Heights, MI, one can see these curbs around concrete and asphalt walkways and driveways. Around these areas, the fused or integral curbs are spread in such a way that they create ample traction for bigger vehicles to pass over them, thereby keeping the concrete and asphalt driveways safe. Further, unlike other curbs, monolithic curbs do not have any jutting edges and they are often preferred for the smooth transition they create between the road and the area they are lining.

Mower Curbs

Sterling Heights, MI, homeowners who love their garden and all the plants in it, use mower curbs to protect their plants from lawnmowers. These curbs allow lawnmowers to do their work, but without damaging the flora in your garden. Mower curbs are also extensively used in gardens as they come in different colors and shapes and therefore, do an excellent job of adding color and life to any area.

Slanted Curbs

Similar to mower curbs in appearance are slanted or sloped curbs. However, unlike mower curbs, slanted curbs do not serve any specific function and are added to homes and different spaces simply for ornamental purposes.

Curbs have more than ornamental value. We hope the information provided in this article will help you distinguish between different types of curbs in Sterling Heights, MI.

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