Exposed Aggregate Concrete Features and Advantages to Oakland County Michigan

Exposed aggregate concrete is known as decorative concrete. And, as a matter of fact, it is the oldest kind of decorative concrete. This makes it a classic – as well as versatile – choice as a finish for a range of projects – from the vertical like flatwork to the very complex.

The Advantages of Exposed Aggregate

Let’s stay with its versatility for a moment. This means that exposed aggregate is very flexible as an option for design. It provides Oakland County residents and commercial property owners with a vast array of aggregates, colors, and exposure depths.  Furthermore, while most people assume exposed aggregate has to be used exclusively as a big slab, this is not the case. It can be used in much larger and more complicated structures. Providing a classy, elegant appeal to hardscapes, exposed aggregate is often used for bands and borders.

In effect, exposed aggregate is extremely functional for brightening up hardscapes that are a bit aged or deemed a bit too traditional.  This also applies when stamped concrete is used in conjunction with exposed aggregate.  When precast installations come into play, exposed aggregate is the element that gives it a contemporary, unique flair.

For those Oakland County Michigan residents and commercial property owners who value skid-free surfaces in their walkways and parking lots, etc., the concrete application choice is limited to one – exposed aggregate concrete. Because of its finish and its texture, its no-skip quality makes it ideal for pool decks. As we all know, standing water is dangerous and standing water around a swimming pool is even more so. Exposed aggregate preempts that hazard so swimming and playing in and around a pool are much safer.

This non-skid feature cannot be overlooked. Every type of exposed aggregate installation benefits from being non-skid. This means that exposed aggregate driveways, sidewalks, and walkways are also safer during the various wet and snowy water conditions that Oakland County Michigan experiences.

But wait, there are more benefits of exposed aggregate!

Exposed aggregate concrete, also referred to as decorative concrete, does not require much maintenance. Once in a while, you will need to clean it and it should be periodically resealed. But compared to all other types of concrete, that makes it standard and usual. When you factor in its other benefits, once again, it’s very evident that it’s a wise choice.

If you recall, the word “classic” was sued to describe exposed aggregate. Let’s look at this a bit closer. Classic means that it not only exudes integrity, it also suggests that it is timeless. This means is will always be in style; it will always be considered a contemporary, high-end concrete application. That feature is very appealing to many Oakland County Michigan homeowners who want to project that kind of image.

And, naturally, commercial property owners who know how important their business and property’s appearances are to how they are perceived, are well aware of the classic appeal and reputation of exposed aggregate.

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