Sprucing Up Your Clawson, MI Home with Exposed Aggregate

We are heading to a season where many homeowners undertake home improvement and renovation projects such as taking care of damages caused by extreme weather in your home. If you’re considering renovating your home in Clawson, MI, you may have given exposed aggregate a thought. So, is it an excellent renovating material, and where can […]

Five Benefits of Exposed Aggregate Concrete Macomb, MI, Homeowners Do Not Know

Exposed aggregate concrete, also often referred to as decorative concrete, is a form of concrete known best for its versatility. Decorative concrete is the oldest type of concrete and can be used for a variety of projects. It Is a Classic Choice Many people assume that decorative concrete is almost always used as a slab. […]

Here’s Why Exposed Aggregate Concrete Is the Right Choice for Royal Oak, MI, Homeowners

Homeowners around Royal Oak, MI, have shown great interest in exposed aggregate concrete, especially during the last few years. It makes sense too — exposed aggregate concrete has emerged as one of the most popular, durable, and aesthetically appealing construction material choices. When it comes to driveways, Royal Oak, MI, homeowners want a construction material […]

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Features and Advantages to Oakland County Michigan

Exposed aggregate concrete is known as decorative concrete. And, as a matter of fact, it is the oldest kind of decorative concrete. This makes it a classic – as well as versatile – choice as a finish for a range of projects – from the vertical like flatwork to the very complex. The Advantages of […]

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