It’s Important to Frequently Reseal Your Concrete. Here’s Why!

Concrete is tough and long-lasting. It requires minimal maintenance, and it is also cheap on the pocket. It is, therefore, not very surprising that concrete continues to be one of the most popular construction materials in Macomb, MI. However, much like any other construction material, concrete, too, has one or two flaws. One of the […]

Five Benefits of Exposed Aggregate Concrete Macomb, MI, Homeowners Do Not Know

Exposed aggregate concrete, also often referred to as decorative concrete, is a form of concrete known best for its versatility. Decorative concrete is the oldest type of concrete and can be used for a variety of projects. It Is a Classic Choice Many people assume that decorative concrete is almost always used as a slab. […]

Understanding Concrete Sidewalks: Knowing When They Require Repair or Replacement

Concrete is a tough and durable construction material that can easily resist deterioration. Yet there are some conditions under which it can break down or register damage. Fluctuating temperature, shifting of the ground, and persistent stressful weight are especially bad for the health of the concrete. It is important to be conscious of the cracks […]

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