Five Benefits of Exposed Aggregate Concrete Macomb, MI, Homeowners Do Not Know

Exposed aggregate concrete, also often referred to as decorative concrete, is a form of concrete known best for its versatility. Decorative concrete is the oldest type of concrete and can be used for a variety of projects.

It Is a Classic Choice

Many people assume that decorative concrete is almost always used as a slab. This is untrue — look around Macomb, MI, and you will find exposed concrete being used in several large structures and buildings. Its use is quite common in the creation of bands and borders. One of the reasons why Macomb, MI, architects, and interior designers use exposed concrete is that it gives structures a traditional and classic look that most other materials cannot.

It Is, Obviously, Versatile Too

Interiors designers and architects also prefer the use of exposed concrete as it is one of the most versatile materials available for construction purposes. It can be molded into any design. Further, it can be given any color and depth. In effect, from traditional to contemporary, exposed concrete can be used to compliment any kind of design and interiors.

It Is Slip-Resistant

If you live with kids or seniors and have a swimming pool in your house, you must spend a considerable part of your day anticipating accidents and preventing them from happening. However, if you open yourself to the idea of including exposed aggregate concrete or decorative concrete in your home, you can spend your days worry-free. Exposed concrete’s finish and texture make it slip-resistant or skid-free. Therefore, it is not very surprising that more and more Macomb, MI, homeowners are inclining towards the use of exposed concrete for creating pool decks. Further, since Macomb, MI receives its fair share of snow every year, the use of exposed concrete in areas, such as sidewalks, walkways, and driveways, makes a lot of sense.

It Demands Minimal Maintenance

Yet another reason why exposed concrete has become immensely popular in Macomb, MI, is that it requires minimal maintenance. While this is the case with most types of concrete, exposed aggregate concrete or decorative concrete requires even lower maintenance than most types of concrete. All one has to do is reseal the decorative concrete every once in a while and that’s enough. Of course, regular sweeping is recommended and necessary, but that’s something you do with all areas of your home.

It Will Never Go out of Fashion

We mentioned this at the very beginning of this article: exposed aggregate concrete is the oldest type of decorative concrete. Over years, its popularity has only increased. What this means is that exposed concrete is a timeless, classic choice — it will never go out of fashion. You can use it in your home and not worry about your home looking old-fashioned a few years later.

Now that we know why more and more Macomb, MI, homeowners have been opting for exposed concrete, we recommend that you, too, consider including it in your home in some or the other way — it’s our promise that you won’t regret your decision.

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