It’s Important to Frequently Reseal Your Concrete. Here’s Why!

Concrete is tough and long-lasting. It requires minimal maintenance, and it is also cheap on the pocket. It is, therefore, not very surprising that concrete continues to be one of the most popular construction materials in Macomb, MI.

However, much like any other construction material, concrete, too, has one or two flaws. One of the biggest problems with concrete is that it is highly porous and absorbs liquids easily. Macomb, MI, experiences sub-zero temperatures and heavy snow. Snow-clad roofs look beautiful. Unfortunately, when the snow melts, concrete absorbs the water it changes into. This, in turn, leads to concrete expanding and developing cracks. If you are tired of seeing cracks in the concrete structures in your Macomb, MI, home, there is something you can do: reseal your concrete regularly.

This article deals with the topic of concrete resealing. Here, we discuss why resealing concrete is a good idea.

Resealing Increases the Life of Concrete

Concrete is a sturdy material. It lasts a long time, even when not maintained properly. Macomb, MI, architects and construction professionals who work with concrete will tell you that even when left completely ignored, this construction material lasts anywhere between 20 to 25 years. When maintained properly, the life of concrete increases by 10 to 15 years. In other words, when you reseal your concrete properly and in a timely fashion, you essentially increase its life by up to 40 years.

Timely resealing is even more important in Macomb, MI, as the county experiences extreme summers and even extreme winters. These harsh weather conditions damage concrete badly. Resealing gives this construction material extra layers of protection and protects it against the damaging effect of sun, wind, and snow.

Resealing Dissuades Mould and Mildew Formation

Concrete is porous and absorbs liquids easily. Macomb, MI, homeowners who have concrete in their homes will tell you this is a major issue. When concrete absorbs liquid, the moisture trapped within its structure supports the formation of mould and mildew. This mould and mildew not only negatively impact the structural integrity and life of concrete but also cause concrete discolouration. Discoloured concrete looks old. Macomb, MI, homeowners who want to make their home look beautiful, therefore, reseal concrete from time to time.

Resealed Concrete Is Easier to Clean

Homeowners in Macomb, MI, also prefer resealing concrete from time to time as resealed concrete is much easier to clean. Once the concrete is resealed properly, it becomes smooth and therefore, easy to clean.


Other than the benefits mentioned above, resealed concrete also gives homes a beautiful charm and makes them look new. So, if you are planning to undertake some repair and renovations around the house, start by resealing the concrete. However, make sure to hire the right person for the job. All the things mentioned above will stand true only when concrete is sealed properly. Therefore, do some research. Talk to people around you, ask for recommendations, search the internet for reviews and hire someone only when you are fully convinced that they will do the job well.

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