Sprucing Up Your Clawson, MI Home with Exposed Aggregate

We are heading to a season where many homeowners undertake home improvement and renovation projects such as taking care of damages caused by extreme weather in your home. If you’re considering renovating your home in Clawson, MI, you may have given exposed aggregate a thought. So, is it an excellent renovating material, and where can you use it? Let’s talk about this and more.

What Is Exposed Aggregate?

Exposed aggregate is a type of decorative concrete that resembles marble or granite. It’s made by removing the top layer of the cement structure to expose the underneath layer that has decorative patterns. It has been used for many years, and many homeowners prefer it as it offers many benefits, which we discuss below.

Benefits of Using Exposed Aggregate in Home Renovation

Exposure aggregate popularity among many homeowners in Clawson, MI, is fueled by this renovation material’s many benefits. These includes:

· Available in different finishes. Exposed aggregate features different patterns that can make your home look polished. The marble- or granite-like finish will make your home look classy, magnificent, and elegant.

· Exposed aggregate is skid resistant. Since exposed aggregate is made by eliminating the top layer of cement, the top surface will look textured. Textured surfaces are skid resistant.

· Easy to maintain. Maintaining exposed concrete is very easy, especially when professionals have installed them. These surfaces only require regular swiping and washing as well as resealing every two or three years to keep them looking flawless.

· It’s more affordable than marble and granite, thereby making it a better option for homeowners with a limited budget

These and many other benefits of exposed concrete make it a popular material for home renovation in Clawson, MI.

Areas to Use Exposed Aggregate

You can use exposed concrete in different areas of your home, including:

· In porches and patios. Many homeowners in Clawson, MI, prefer to use exposed aggregate to renovate porches and decks. Patios and porches are prone to stains and cracks due to the harsh winter seasons. You can use exposed aggregate to renovate your damaged patios cost-effectively. The good thing with using exposed concrete is that it will make your patios and porches look beautiful for a long time since the material is highly durable.

· On your driveway. Driveways are another area that’s prone to developing stains and marks since they experience high traffic. Exposed aggregate is a sturdy material you can use on your driveway since it’s durable and easy to maintain.

· Around your pool deck. Pool decks need to be skid resistant, making exposed aggregate one of the best materials to use for this place.


There are many benefits of using exposed aggregate to renovate different areas of your home, including patios, driveways, and pool decks. Exposed concrete guarantees longevity and also enhances your home appearance.

We must mention that installing exposed aggregate requires expertise and skills, and thus the work is better left to professionals. If you’d like to undertake renovation for your Clawson, MI home, we are here to help. With years of experience, you can trust us to install exposed concrete in your home in the most attractive manner. Just give us a call!

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