Here’s Why Exposed Aggregate Concrete Is the Right Choice for Royal Oak, MI, Homeowners

Homeowners around Royal Oak, MI, have shown great interest in exposed aggregate concrete, especially during the last few years. It makes sense too — exposed aggregate concrete has emerged as one of the most popular, durable, and aesthetically appealing construction material choices.

When it comes to driveways, Royal Oak, MI, homeowners want a construction material that will not only last a lifetime but also enhance the beauty of their home. After all, the driveway is the first thing that people notice about your home, and therefore, it must necessarily add to your home’s exteriors. Exposed aggregate concrete driveways serve both these purposes and therefore, they have become quite popular among Royal Oak, MI, homeowners. This is also the reason why most homeowners in this area are choosing exposed aggregate concrete not just for their driveways but also various hardscape features.

If you are not convinced of the many benefits that exposed aggregate concrete offers, we give you some reasons to include this construction material in your home.

Three Reasons Why Royal Oak, MI, Homeowners Must Use Exposed Aggregate Concrete in Their Homes

It Adds to Your Home’s Charm and Exterior Appeal

When it comes to driveways and hardscape features, there is no shortage of construction materials to choose from. However, exposed aggregate concrete stands out because it lends a certain charm and external appeal to hardscape features that most other construction materials simply fail to provide. Royal Oak, MI, homeowners have been choosing exposed aggregate concrete for their driveways and hardscape features simply because it makes their home look more beautiful.

It Is Affordable

One of the other important reasons why most homeowners prefer to go for exposed aggregate concrete is because it is affordable. How? First, unlike other materials, exposed aggregate concrete does not require much maintenance. Once your driveway and hardscape features have been installed, all you will be needed to do is re-seal the exposed aggregate concrete once in two years. On the other hand, concrete, which is the second most popular option in the area, is much harder to maintain. More importantly, while the cracks and chips in exposed aggregate concrete can be easily mended, the same cracks and chips in concrete structures mean that the entire structure must be replaced.

Also, since exposed aggregate concrete is highly durable, it lasts long years without ever demanding too much maintenance. Owing to its low-maintenance requirements and high longevity, aggregate exposed concrete is one of the most affordable construction materials currently available.

It Lasts Long Years

Exposed aggregate concrete is one of the most durable construction materials as the gravel-sand mixture in exposed aggregate concrete is far more durable than it is in any other construction material. More importantly, exposed aggregate concrete does not chip and crack. Concrete, on the other hand, is highly susceptible to chips and cracks. Since exposed aggregate concrete can withstand all kinds of weather conditions, it is the perfect choice for Royal Oak, MI, homes.


If you are planning to make a driveway or add any hardscape features to your home, do not think twice before choosing aggregate exposed concrete for the purpose. We guarantee you will never regret your choice.


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