How to Make a Stunning Impression with Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Hardscaping continues to escalate in popularity. Aa an added value, cur-appealing benefit to any hone’s outdoor living space and exterior, hardscaping serves multiple purposes and provides many benefits.

While aesthetically valuable, hardscapes also add durability to the home’s exterior. Think about what this means in terms of something like your driveway. A beautiful long-lasting, durable driveway is an asset no matter where or how you live.  This means that when choosing what type of driveway to install, your choice should be based as much on its appearance as its functionality.

When someone drives past or pull up to your home, the first thing they see is your driveway – this first vision casts the initial impression of your home – outside and inside. So, choosing the ideal style, type and design of your driveway is a decision that should be deliberated, not made hastily. Furthermore, your neighbors will appreciate the quality and integrity of your driveway as well. You will be showing all homeowners and their visitors that this is a neighborhood that takes pride in their homes.

Why is exposed aggregate concrete the best choice for creating an impressive image?

First and foremost, as eluded to above when talking about your driveway, exposed aggregate concrete in hardscapes makes the structures distinctive., aesthetically appealing. This is important because having a pleasant view of each aspect of your home’s exterior – every day- has a remarkable effect on your sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. And, as mentioned above, your neighbors share in that feeling.

Keep in mind, exposed aggregate concrete can be used in a wide range of hardscapes which only enhances its appeal. You can use it in other areas of your yard in addition to your driveway. And, there are more enticing features pertaining to exposed aggregate concrete that you should also know about.

Exposed aggregate concrete offers the following benefits:

Long-lasting – The durability of exposed aggregate concrete cannot be undermined. We all know how durable concrete is, but concrete is smooth which makes it a bit more susceptible to chips and cracks. However, exposed aggregate concrete in your hardscaping is not as vulnerable, meaning that cracks and chips aren’t as frequent or prevalent. This relates to the ration of water to concrete during the finishing process. All of the aspects of exposed aggregate concrete add up to longevity and durability year after year.

Closely related to exposed aggregate concrete’s durability is its low maintenance requirements. Not much is needed in order to keep it up to its original condition. You need only wash it with water until it reaches the level you ant and then seal it. It is recommended to reseal it, ideally once every two years. This is a particularly attractive feature considering that finished concrete requires much more maintenance that involves chemicals to hope to protect it from cracks and chips, which typically happen anyway at some point.

And, exposed aggregate concrete in your hardscaping is cost-effective. Installation is not as expensive as other hardscaping materials.

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