Metro Detroit Concrete Contractor Discusses Stamped Concrete and Exposed Aggregate

So you’ve decided to install a patio this summer but now you’re faced with the decision of which material to use. There are plenty of options including stamped concrete and exposed aggregate.  Both materials are a good choice and it really just comes down on your preference.

Keep reading as we discuss these two types of concrete materials.

Stamped Concrete

If you like the look of pavers or cobblestones and but want something that is more cost effective and requires less maintenance than brick pavers, stamped concrete is the way to go.

Stamped concrete patios are created by stamping a pattern or texture into the concrete before it dries.  The end result is a patio that combines the beauty of masonry with the durability of concrete.

The choice of patterns, colors and textures is basically limitless and you can even combine patterns and colors, add decorative borders or custom medallions.

Why choose stamped concrete over pavers or cobblestone? There’s no denying that brick pavers and cobbles look great, but they may require more maintenance and repairs than concrete. Since pavers and cobbles are multiple pieces interlocking, they can be me susceptible to cracking and freeze/thaw cycles. Stamped concrete, on the other hand, is one level surface which can also be reinforced with steel to increase your patios longevity.

With stamped concrete, the “cracks” you see are only patterns instead of actual space between two pavers interlocking. This means you won’t have the added maintenance of pulling up weeds that are growing in between the brick.

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate concrete is an excellent choice for a beautiful patio at a reasonable cost. The finish is achieved by adding an aggregate (decorative rocks, quartzite or crushed glass) to concrete. The end result is a decorative texture exposing small stones and pebbles.

Exposed aggregate’s rugged, no-skid texture poses less of a slip hazard, making it the perfect choice for patios, pool decks and other high-traffic areas.

The best thing about exposed aggregate is that it is extremely versatile and  will easily blend in with almost any design. Your design options may not be as endless as stamped concrete but pretty close. Select from various colors and stones or even combine stamped concrete with exposed aggregate. For example, install a stamped concrete patio with an exposed aggregate border or vise versa.  The contrast between these two materials really creates a unique and spectacular look.

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We hope you learned something and this article helped you with your decision on which concrete material would be more suitable for your home.

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