Patio and Stamped Concrete: A Perfect Match

There was a time when homeowners were inclined to use marble and tiles to embellish their patios. Concrete, on the other hand, was attributed to dull and non-aesthetic appearance. But this opinion regarding concrete has changed after the development of its stamped version. Now, stamped concrete, which entails textured and designed surfaces, has become a popular choice for patios.

Due to cost-effectiveness, easier installation and aesthetical appeal, stamped concrete is now one of the most sought-after materials for hardscape constructions. It’s time to delve into the details of some exciting stamped concrete options for patios.

Wood-patterned stamped concrete

As the name suggests, this stamped concrete option mimics the appearance of a surface made of wooden planks. Concrete specialists color the concrete surface in such a way that it starts emulating the finish and grain of timber. Apart from giving your patio a more organic look, wood-patterned stamped concrete is functionally superior to actual timber surface. To maintain the sharp wooden look, homeowners are required to re-stain the surface once a year.

Cobblestone-inspired stamped concrete

If you want to give your patio a classic and authentic look of a natural clay brick surface, then go for cobblestone-inspired stamped concrete. This option looks like as if a lot of effort has been put in to arrange the bricks in a particular pattern. But in reality, the installation can be done real quick and in a cost-effective budget.

Flagstone-inspired stamped concrete

Want to achieve a rustic and abstract look for your patio? Go for a stamped concrete surface made with a random pattern of flagstones. Like any other stamped concrete option, it is inexpensive and easy to install given that an expert is handling the installation.

English Yorkstone-inspired stamped concrete

Stone tiles are expensive. Surfaces made of stone tiles are also difficult to maintain. If you want to finish your patio with stone tiles, but don’t have the budget and temperament for maintenance, then you can pick Yorkstone-inspired stamped concrete. These surfaces are made to look like an erratically interlocked fractured stones. A good stamped concrete specialist also adds rounded edges and broken corners in the design to accomplish an authentic stone tile look.

River stone stamped concrete

If you are willing to spend and want to adorn your patio with a more contemporary look then you can take the option of river stone stamped concrete. This stamped concrete look is actually worked out to look like a marble surface. River stone stamped concrete is an inexpensive patio option if we compare it with the price of an actual marble-laden surface.

Slate Tile- inspired stamped concrete

Slate tiles are made of naturally occurring metamorphic rocks with grains and combination of colors. For loaded yet naturally looking patio appearance, you can use stamped concrete inspired from slat tiles. Experts carefully add random color patterns to make it certain that the concrete surface looks as if it is made of slate tiles.

If you want to renovate your patio with a new look, then get in touch with Flat Rock Concrete. Our experts have the skills to emulate different looks from stamped concrete constructions.  Get in touch with us today at (248) 379-0250 or (586) 726-6091!



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