Recurring Mistakes During the Course of DIY Concrete Projects

DIY home remodeling and reconstruction projects can be really rewarding, given that they are done properly. If not handled the right way, there’s always the possibility that a home construction project can turn into a nightmare. Case in point:  any reconstruction work that involves concrete. Experts have enlisted some common mistakes that happen during DIY […]

Patio and Stamped Concrete: A Perfect Match

There was a time when homeowners were inclined to use marble and tiles to embellish their patios. Concrete, on the other hand, was attributed to dull and non-aesthetic appearance. But this opinion regarding concrete has changed after the development of its stamped version. Now, stamped concrete, which entails textured and designed surfaces, has become a […]

Stamped Concrete Patio Ideas in Washington Twp., MI

Project Details: Concrete Patio, Stamped Concrete Patio, Concrete Patio Installation Location: Washington Twp., MI 48094 Patio Installation By: Flat Rock Concrete Contractors

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