Six Amazing Benefits of Using Stamped Concrete in Troy, MI for Your Parking Lot

The parking lot is of crucial importance to any building and owning a building entrusts you with the responsibility of maintaining it. When building the parking lot, asphalt is a suitable option. However, the durability and the affordability of concrete make it the key preference for most property owners.

If you want to use stamped concrete in Troy, MI for your parking lot but are unsure about its effectiveness, then continue reading. Here are six amazing benefits of using stamped concrete for your parking lot.

Low Maintenance Cost

Stamped Concrete in Troy, MI is the perfect choice for your parking lot. In comparison to asphalt, concrete requires less maintenance which is easy on your wallet. In other words, concrete can sustain itself over a longer period of time. On the other hand, asphalt needs to be repaired on a regular basis and is costly to maintain.

Better Appearance

Concrete has a much better appearance than asphalt. It also appears much cleaner than asphalt. When using Stamped Concrete in Troy, MI for your parking lot, it is to add colors and textures to the concrete to match a particular style.

Cost Effectiveness

The reason why most people choose asphalt over concrete is that it is initially affordable. However, asphalt gets damaged from time to time and its maintenance can cost a lot of money. On the other hand, stamped concrete in Troy, MI although expensive is much more durable. Its sustainability makes it a onetime investment and does not require heavy maintenance costs, making it a more cost-effective option.

Environmental Friendliness

Another benefit of using stamped concrete in Troy, MI is that it is environment-friendly. Concrete is manufactured from natural materials. Moreover, unlike asphalt, concrete remains cooler during hot weather conditions and is not prone to damage caused by heat. Also, it is water absorbent and does not allow rainwater to stagnate over it.

Weight Resistance

Compared to asphalt concrete possesses more strength. Asphalt tends to get damaged by heavy vehicles moving over it. When it comes to concrete, heavy vehicle activity does not affect the quality of concrete and it doesn’t get damaged. In fact, a 5-inch thick concrete has more strength and endurance than 8-inch asphalt!

Improved Lighting

Lighting is crucial to parking lot safety. Compared to asphalt, stamped concrete in Troy, MI has a lighter color. This ensures safety without providing extra lighting. The light color of concrete saves the money that otherwise would have been spent on installing more lights. Its reflectivity makes it safe for the drivers and allows them to see further.

Stamped concrete is definitely a good choice for your parking lot. Unlike asphalt, it is cost effective and gives a longer life to your parking lot.

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