How to Make the Perfect First Impression with Exposed Aggregate Concrete

The outside of your property needs the same amount of concentration when it comes to designing and upkeep. Quite naturally, you would want your Troy, MI yard to be comforting and inviting. Using exposed aggregate is a crucial design decision you can make for your property features like driveways and patios. The reason being that […]

7 Questions to Ask Your Troy, MI Concrete Patio Installation Contractor

To enjoy the summer weather within the comfort of your Troy, MI home, there is nothing better than a concrete patio. However, in order to make a patio you need to hire a professional concrete  patio installation contractor. With a huge number of scam artists in the marketplace, finding a good, reliable contractor is like […]

Advantages of Concrete Parking Lots in Troy, MI

If you are planning on building a parking lot then you should know that the decision about which material to use is a crucial one. There are many materials that you can choose from. However, a large number of building owners are now choosing concrete. There are many reasons due to which concrete parking lots […]

Six Amazing Benefits of Using Stamped Concrete in Troy, MI for Your Parking Lot

The parking lot is of crucial importance to any building and owning a building entrusts you with the responsibility of maintaining it. When building the parking lot, asphalt is a suitable option. However, the durability and the affordability of concrete make it the key preference for most property owners. If you want to use stamped […]

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Replace Sidewalks in Troy, MI

Even though we use the sidewalks in front of our homes every single day, we usually don’t do much to maintain them properly. Homeowners are often seen focusing on ensuring their yards are clean or on landscaping, while their sidewalks remain in complete disrepair. These sidewalks can develop cracks, crumbling edges, and an uneven surface […]

Refreshing Your Troy Parking Lot With Concrete

If you own a commercial property in Troy, you’re probably familiar with the high level of foot traffic in local businesses in the area. Troy is a booming city with plenty of shopping and restaurants competing for business from residents and workers in the area. As a business owner, it’s practical to focus on providing […]

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