Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Replace Sidewalks in Troy, MI

Even though we use the sidewalks in front of our homes every single day, we usually don’t do much to maintain them properly. Homeowners are often seen focusing on ensuring their yards are clean or on landscaping, while their sidewalks remain in complete disrepair. These sidewalks can develop cracks, crumbling edges, and an uneven surface which can look strange next to the immaculate, well-maintained home.

Even if homeowners do take out the time to clean up the sidewalk, uneven surfaces and cracks can still manage to destroy the overall look of your home. Damaged sidewalks also pose a lot of risks since people can fall and get hurt. This is why you must never neglect to replace sidewalks in Troy, MI.

Who Is Responsible for Repairs?

Pinning down exactly who is responsible for the sidewalk can be a little tricky. Most homeowners believe that the city of Troy, MI, is responsible for the repairs and not the people. This leads to a general neglect of the damaged sidewalks which pose a risk to the safety of the pedestrians who use them every day.

Under the Sidewalk Rehabilitation program launched by the city, homeowners actually discovered that replacing sidewalks in Troy, MI was their job. To facilitate homeowners, the city has its own contractors that you can pay to repair the sidewalks or hire your own concrete contractors in Troy, MI. Many people have opted for the latter option since repairs by the city come with a hefty price tag. It is simply better to negotiate with a local contractor to repair the sidewalk.

Why Is It Important To Replace Sidewalks in Troy, MI?

Repairing the sidewalk in Troy, MI, is actually more important than you may think. While homeowners may not want to spend money on this matter, they need to be aware of all the potential consequences of neglecting this task.

  • Uneven sidewalks can lead to many injuries due to hard falls. They pose a dire risk for anyone walking on them. This risk becomes even greater when winter arrives, and the sidewalk becomes slippery and wet from all the ice and snow. Replacing the sidewalks in Troy, MI, can actually prevent many injuries and make your home more welcoming and safe for people.
  • Sidewalks with cracks become even worse in harsh weather. Troy, MI, winters are often really tough and when the ice melts and re-freezes the cracks can widen. Cracks turn into even deeper cuts which lead to a broken concrete slab. Shifts in the concrete slab can also cause slab leaks, which will end up costing you a lot of money.
  • Damaged sidewalks can also affect the value of your home. If you are planning on selling a property, any potential buyer will take your curb appeal into account. Replacing sidewalks in Troy, MI, can attract better buyers for you.

Sometimes people tend to overlook the importance of things because of the lack of importance put on them by society as a whole. Sidewalks are one these overlooked aspects, which homeowners now need to pay more attention to. Not only will they physically enjoy a better maintained sidewalk, it will also help increase curb appeal, in turn increasing the monetary value of your home.

Don’t wait to replace your Troy, MI sidewalk today.  Our staff at Flat Rock Concrete Construction, Inc. are standing by to answer any questions you may have about sidewalk replacement. Our office numbers are (248) 379-0250 or (586) 726-6091!  We hope to hear from you soon!

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