Stamped Concrete Maintenance Tips for Oakland County, MI Commercial Properties

One of the most profound ways Oakland County, Michigan commercial property owners can elevate their property is by unitizing stamped concrete in their various hardscapes and building elements. Beautiful in appearance and durable in performance, stamped concrete is revered for enhancing the image of commercial properties throughout Oakland County.

But stamped concrete is sometimes assumed to self-maintain its original luster without any additional attention or effort. And again, while it is a durable material, it does need some maintenance. If neglected, its integrity will diminish.

Here are the inside tips for how Oakland County commercial property owners can maintain the look and performance of their stamped concrete structures.

Wash all stamped concrete structures regularly. Whether you have a stamped concrete driveway, walkway, or stairway, it needs to be washed. But, do so without using chemicals. Chemicals cause damage to the sealant which prompts further damage to the concrete.

Use water at a low pressure with your basic, everyday soap. Believe it or not, this simple method is most effective for cleaning concrete. Use some type of product that has biocide if you need to wash off or clean any mildew or mold that has accumulated on your stamped concrete. For any stains that have found their way into your stamped concrete walkway, driveway, or stairway, a soft-bristled broom or brush will remove them.

Remove all debris routinely. Even the smallest, most innocent debris should be removed upon seeing it. As any type of organic material rots on your stamped concrete structure, it has a negative effect on the sealant.

Remember, the sealant’s function is to give protection to the stamped concrete. If the sealant becomes compromised or damaged, this damage is passed onto the concrete. The concrete is considered the internal surface, and if left unattended and allowed to rot, it will deteriorate.

And, Oakland County MI commercial property owners need to be particularly cognizant that their sidewalks, stairways, and driveways and entrances need to look tidy, safe and clean – at all times. Any level of dirt or debris is a negative reflection of the property, the building and the various types of business that are conducted on and within its premises. Customers tend to avoid unkempt areas.

Reseal regularly as required. Sealant has been mentioned a couple of times. So, its importance is not to be overlooked or disregarded, But, like concrete itself, the sealant needs to be maintained also. In this case, that means that it should be applied as advised by the concrete professionals who installed your stamped concrete in Oakland County MI.

A sealant protects your concrete- as has been clearly shown in this article. Your beautiful Oakland County stamped concrete needs to be shielded from the harshness of sunlight and water – both of which are prevalent in Michigan through the year.

You will have options when it comes to which type of sealant to use. Once again, your current professional will be able to advise you on which types to use to get the longest-lasting performance and strongest ability to handle the conditions that Michigan weather thrusts upon all commercial buildings and structures.

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