The Beauty and Benefits of Exposed Aggregate

The oldest type of decorative concrete, exposed aggregate is classic in many ways. Versatile as a finish for vertical applications as well as flatwork, exposed aggregate is also useful when an aspect of a variety of complex, large projects.

What advantages does expose aggregate offer?

As suggested above, exposed aggregate is versatile in that it provides a design option that is flexible. From its most simple application, as a continuous slab that is exposed, this type of concrete offers an extensive to almost infinite range of color, depths of exposure, and aggregates.

Taking its flexibility in design a bit further, exposed aggregate does not have to be only used as a large slab. It can be part of something more complex and much bigger. As borders and bands, this material provides a classy, sophisticated touch to other hardscapes that are considered more traditional. This is also true when used with stamped concrete. For various precast installations of concrete as well as panels that are referred to as tilt-up, exposed aggregate is very useful for sprucing up pasts of hardscapes that need a bit of shine.

When it comes to any type of application of concrete, safety in the form of being skid-free is a major consideration and benefit. The texture and finish of exposed aggregate gives it a non-skid quality that makes it extremely suitable for pool decks. Standing water anywhere is a safety hazard but this is especially the case around a swimming pool.

This quality fo being skid-resistant is also useful and applicable for driveways, walkways, and sidewalks. If you live in an area prone to wet and cold weather conditions, exposed aggregate driveways and walkways are likely very prominent.

Decorative concrete is known for being relatively low maintenance. Exposed aggregate supports that reputation impeccably. Granted, exposed aggregate occasionally needs to be cleaned and resealed. But, for the most part, its maintenance routine does not depart from any other type of concrete that is not decorative and more traditional.

As mentioned above, exposed aggregate has achieved classic status because of its longevity and prevalence. It has stood up over many decades and still holds its own today. It won’t ever “go out of style” There will always be a place and grand appreciation for exposed aggregate.

Installing Exposed Aggregate

There are many ways to install exposed aggregate; all of which fall into the category of easy. Here is a couple.

The original way is by brushing and washing. When the concrete is setting, the surface is to be sprayed with water and then the surface cram is to be brushed away until the preferred effect is created.

Installing by media blast is when the upper layer of the concrete – once fully cured – gets removed to expose the aggregate. This happens by it being shot-blasted, sandblasted, or blasted with some other type of abrasive media.  This is a tricky method and can damage the aggregate, so it’s typically not used when the exposed aggregate is to serve a decorative purpose.

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