Ground Beam vs Plinth Beam: Which One Do You Need?

If you are an Orion, MI, homeowner, you must have most certainly heard about beams. After all, beams are an integral part of a home’s structure. Beams are horizontal structures that architects use to evenly divide the load of various elements used in the upper parts of a home and therefore, do the essential job of providing your home robust support and holding it together.

Though most homeowners have some idea about beams, most homeowners are unaware of the fact that beams are of two different types: ground beams and plinth beams. In this article, we share with our readers, the difference between the two.

Ground Beams Explained

Ground beams are also often referred to as grade beams. So, if someone uses the term grade beam, do not get confused. Ground or grade beams are used at the foundation level, where they are erected into position with the help of piers. Grade beams primarily provide support to walls, joists, and other areas of a home. So, when do you use grade beams in a home? Any Orion, MI, architect, or construction professional will tell you that these beams are required primarily when the soil underneath the foundation of the house cannot be trusted for providing the support that a home needs.

Grade beams are made from concrete, and therefore, it is not very surprising that they are sturdy and affordable. Further, since the primary material used in their construction is concrete, they can be customized and molded into any shape or size. Many Orion, MI, construction professionals prefer these beams for their affordability, durability, and customizable feature.

Plinth Beams Explained

Before anything else, let us share with our Orion, MI, homeowners that plinth beams are named so as they are installed at the plinth level, which is located just above the ground level. Unlike ground or grade beams that are erected with the help of piers, plinth beams do not need any support — they stand on their own. However, only experts must be trusted with the construction of plinth beams as minor issues concerning height, weight, and breadth can lead to major issues in the long run. Homeowners must keep in mind and make sure that the width of the plinth beams must be the same as the width of the wall they are to support.

So, what do Orion, MI, professionals use plinth beams for? Mostly, plinth beams are used to remove differential or settlement from the foundation of a house. They do so by evenly distributing the pressure created by walls over the entire foundation. Plinth beams, therefore, give homes a solid foundation to stand on. Plinth beams also dissuade the propagation and extension of cracks from the foundation into the walls of a home.


Both plinth beams and grade beams are important home elements. However, they each have their importance and purpose. Plinth beams cannot be used in place of grade or ground beams and vice versa. If you are planning your Orion, MI, home, talk to an expert and make sure you are using the right kind of beams in your house.

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